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2014-10-14 14:38:34
Best converter there is! by Peter Smith

I have been using Wondershare's Ultimate Converter for Mac for more than three years. It is a powerful, reliable software package that lives up to all that is promised. It is outstanding value for money. In addition, it has never failed to convert the largest of files I have thrown at it.

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2014-10-06 16:12:33
Converting Movies by Milton

This application has saved me copious amounts of time on trying to find compatible videos for my mac and as such, has made my school life so much easier.

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2014-09-22 02:43:20
excellent by Mohammad

its really helpful

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2014-09-21 07:10:19
Wondershare: "The Wonder!" by DeeJ

I first downloaded Wondershare's Video converter as freeware and discovered how easy and time - effective one program could be. I can go to practically any website and download the content for any project I was working on - without skipping a beat. I've tried other programs, but Wondershare just fits the bill. Since I'm such a fan of the company, I've purchased other fantastic programs they offer (PDF to Word converter, Youtube Converter). I'm really happy with the technical support also. They are patient and help get any issues I have resolved quickly. Thank you Wondershare - you have a customer for life!

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2014-09-17 07:44:28
A must have product by Ross Hastie

It's a no brainer.....brilliant software, works with nearly every format you can think of and I would recommend wondershare video player as well, both great products.

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2014-08-09 04:36:01
This software just gets on with the job by David Smith

Having tried and tested so many different packages I finally paid for this one, and haven't needed to look anywhere else since. It's so easy and straightforward, giving us just the information we need, with default values set for the most likely scenario. It's brilliant at converting videos to work in PowerPoint (select WMV2 at 640*480 and Audio WMA2 with the rest of the settings at 'Smart Fit', then create a PPT file and resave it for PowerPoint 97-2003 BEFORE importing the video and I find that works perfectly). So many other packages produce jerky or incomplete conversions, but Wondershare Ultimate (for Mac in my case) does it seamlessly and successfully.

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2014-07-26 21:02:06
A powerful bargain by Robert Dean

I am a video professional and I bought this program for one specific need. And to be honest I was concerned I was going to be throwing my money to the wind. But I found the software preformed it's task as advertised and I was happy. Since then I have lost count of just how many jams this software has pulled my butt out of. I have yet to find a format that will choke it or even slow it down. The flexibility and versatility continues to surprise me. It's become my goto tool. Whenever I get stuck using my conventional methods I can usually find a quality solution within the converter. I have purchased codec packs in the past and found them incomplete and unreliable. The performance versus the small cost of this software makes it one of the best dollar values of ANYTHING I have in my studio. How often can you say that I think the advertising really undersells all that this product can do simply and intuitively. I am truly glad I stumbled onto Video Converter Ultimate doing a web search and that I took the leap of faith and bought it. Thank you Wondershare. Robert Dean

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2014-07-22 18:01:16
Ultimate Wondershare for Mac by Marcia Tillman

I use to LOVE this converter. I was able to download ANY and EVERYTHING... Since I've updated my system, it hasn't been the same. It's only "OK" I wish the old one was back. :-/...

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2014-07-17 18:38:17
Excellent by John Abatecola

I have been working with video professionally since 1998 and can't tell you how impressed I am with this program. It's the easiest and fastest converter out there. I have not found any functionality I need from this program that it does not do perfectly.

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2014-07-15 15:30:54
What a Converter!!! by Stephen Borisoff

I have owned plenty of video downloaders/converters/DVD rippers. This one is far and away the most competent. You can rip even commercial DVD's as long as they are for personal use. The Converter has an automatic brain which sets the correct resolution, video bit-rate and audio characteristics of of the file format to be converted to from the specifications of the source video format. You can edit too and see a preview of the finished work. Highly recommended.

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