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2012-12-21 09:17:26
Wondershare Photo Recovery For PC/SD Card by Donovon Graham

I was stressed about deleting photo files that for some reason thought that they were copied on PC. This has not happened before, and when I realized they were deleted, I tried resolve on my own. Nope, did not work. So I looked on the web under \"how to get photos from SD card after deleting them\" and wondershare photo recovery appeared. Well to my relief there was a way to get them back. However, a bit sceptically I asked questions to the tech who informed me it was going to be ok. Now what a relief after thinking that they were gone for good. Yes they all came back plus older ones that were copied and deleted as well. Wow, impressive!

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2012-11-14 13:54:21
I hope your Wondershare Photo recovery for Mac can help me by Sam H

How is than even possible?? I\'m so grateful I found this post. This took away all my worries because there\'s a chance now that I can recover my photos in my memory card. I don\'t know what happened to the memory card. I did not delete anything. I think it got corrupted and all the files were gone. I hope your Wondershare Photo recovery for Mac can help me. I\'ll follow the steps.

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2012-11-12 20:53:26
Most useful product ever! by Ruth Martin

Thank you so much for this amazing Photo Recovery product! We recently got a digital camera. Several times I deleted something my husband still wanted. Let\'s just say, he was not very happy with me! After I found your product, I was able to recover everything of his that I had deleted. Thank you for coming to my rescue :)

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2012-11-12 07:46:40
Hero! by Amalie Parrott

I spent hours today taking a variety of photos for a photo assignment with models, and covered a Veterans Day parade. Because I was so tired, I accidentally deleted over 600 images from my SD Card! I couldn\'t believe it, and gave up hope until I found your product. Wondershare is My Hero! Thank You So Much!

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2012-11-11 06:39:36
Very cool software and it works by Bruce

I often delete my photos mistakenly because I take so many and I never know which ones actually saved to my computer. I read good reviews about Photo Recovery so I tried it and WOW I am so surprised it actually recovers photos that have been deleted!

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2012-11-06 10:45:18
Saved us $600 by Jeff

This software saved us over $600.00!! Our computer was damaged and it was going to cost over $600.00 to retrieve the data from our hard drive. The only thing we cared about were the pics. After learning about wondershare we used the trial version to see if it would actually be able to recover our photos. It did! Granted not every single picture was recovered, some files were considered \'corrupt\' but nontheless, worth every penny of the purchase. Thanks!

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2012-11-02 21:07:12
aa by a


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2012-10-29 13:43:25
Thank you thank you thank you!!! :-) by sanushka

Thank goodness for your app, deleted some very important photos on my galaxy tab 10.1 and i successfully recovered them. Thank you thank you thank you!!! :-)

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2012-10-09 13:24:48
fantastic! by emlim

I have accidentally deleted all my photos taken for a survey report & so I quickly bought a recover files CD from a store but it didn\'t work well. frustrated I decided to go on line to check around and down loaded wondershare. it was so simple and it recover all my photos nearly 350 pics from my SD card. Pics were clear. some were almost a year back. Wondershare is Great, no regrets! I should have down loaded Wondershare earlier and save me $$$.

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2012-10-08 11:01:59
Available! by Julia Kaefer

I am so happy that this was available accidentally deleted pics from homecoming last night :(. this is great information.

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