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2014-09-21 22:48:54
I had lost hope by Rachel

I tried a "free trial" of some other recovery software that would have cost a nice $80 and it didn't recover even half of what this program did. In fact, the pricey software recovered only 201 files while this recovered nearly 1,500! This is a miracle and a lifesaver. I have some important photos on this card that I would have been devastated to lose. Thank you so, SO much!

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2014-07-31 10:53:40
Wonderful, really by Drugo

Don't trust similar free softwares. This is one of the best utility I've ever used. Features: -Complete: finds up ALL missed media; -Secure: recovery is perfect, no damaged or missing files; -Fast: search in ten minutes, recovery of 35 GB (photo, video, audio) in 38 minutes. Words are pointless, just thank you for this awesome software.

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2014-07-21 02:36:35
WOW. Didn't even know this was possible! by Laura

OK so as it turns out I was just paranoid, I did not actually delete any important photos I didn't already have backed up from my SD card, but... WOW. I had no idea you could actually recover any of your deleted files. At least... not this easily! And this is really good to know that files are not actually permanently deleted because I shudder to think of what could happen if someone found a "blank" disk of mine... it might as well have all my photos on it, with this software available. I am an amateur photographer and do occasional boudoir pics for friends, so I will be sure to do some kind of double delete in the future, if I have private files (need to google how to do that). While i didn't actually need to do a recovery after all, I am totally bookmarking this page so that if I need to do so in the future, this will be my first reference. And I will be sure to recommend it to others. You guys are awesome, thanks so much! Btw I previously tried to download software from some other site and it was a complete waste of 15 minutes, the files couldn't actually open, that other one was frustrating but YOURS was smooth as silk!!! THANK YOU! You guys are awesome.

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2014-07-15 03:32:42
Excellent and easy to use software by Sandeep

I accidentally deleted all the photos from phone and I was devastated as all photos of my daughter were deleted. But this software helped me recover all the photos with very ease. follow the instruction and it was piece of cake. Thanks for wonderful software.

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2014-07-12 20:52:09
Wondershare by yerson

this is very good

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2014-05-25 13:34:01
Good job...Thanks by Giflucky

Really thanks for Wondershare photo recovery! All photos...especially nice memories with my fam. and also all my works could recover all pics. Wonderful software hahaha

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2014-04-10 15:17:39
Thank you sooooooo much by Manu

This is the only one app, which was and is able to recover 99% of photos from PC and cards. Happy and satisfied!!!

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2013-12-02 10:56:59

I screwed up big time and accidentally deleted some important pictures off of our computer. Thank goodness I found this photo recovery software. I was back up and running with our photos! Thank you!

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2013-09-20 16:14:22
THANK YOU!! by shawna

I could kiss whoever made this program!! I accidentally formatted my camera\'s memory card and lost a TON of photos. Thank you SO much! Crying tears of joy here! I was devasted, thinking I lost all those photos of my kids. Thank you for the recovery! xo

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2013-01-13 14:15:44
Works great by Christine

I\'m so thankful for this software! I thought all the rememberings of my past have gone away, but on this way I could easily recover important pictures and eye-witness-videos. Thank you so much for your work developing this recovering software!

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