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2014-05-20 08:58:17
I got photos back by markku saksa

Very good software. I got my photos back from formatted camera card.

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2013-12-02 10:47:39
Saved us big time! by Katie L.

We had accidentally deleted some old family photos from our computer and my husband found this software. Sure enough-we were back up and running with our photos in no time!

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2012-11-28 11:00:23
Great photo recovery tool! by maricel

The files accidentally deleted are from our out of town vacation that my mom wanted to have print outs. I know she got disappointed when I told her there might not be a way to recover the photos. I searched for solution and found Photo Recovery! Downloaded the trial and did the scan. It totally worked! I need to purchase this software so that my mom will be happy the photos are back. Thank you very much!

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2012-11-26 12:37:02
the best I downloaded! by carolle

I am still not very familiar with my new Mac and it\'s quite difficult to learn now when you\'re older. I\'m really thankful with these kinds of software geared towards helping people who cannot really troubleshoot these kind of problems like retrieval of files after deletion. I was able to retrieve everything! Thank you for the great help!

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2012-11-25 04:32:05
Highly recommended for Mac users! by Benny

I downloaded the trial version first to check if it would scan the deleted photos. I\'m surprised it really did! It totally saved my photos from being lost forever. If there\'s a software I will highly recommend, this would be the one at the top! thank you!

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2012-11-19 15:01:38
Powerful tool! by Andrei V.

I didn\'t expect that this simple and easy to use software for Mac can be such a powerful tool for recovering files that I\'ve accidentally deleted! I am so surprised to see even those photos I\'m not aware I already lost when I did a deep recovery. This is such a great software I\'ll definitely recommend!

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2012-11-14 15:46:19
worth the money by Timothy Falls

Downloaded and purchased this Software. It worked great!!. Thought I had lost over 100 pics from Summer Vacation. Didn\'t want to spend $45 but I think worth it. Thanks Tim

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2012-11-13 17:18:51
thnks a ton.... ♥ by destinybows

thnks a ton.... ♥

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2012-11-12 21:23:42
Thank you for helping me fix my stupid mistake! by Ruth Martin

Don\'t you just hate it when you do something stupid and wish you could undo it? Well, after losing a bunch of stuff, and not having made any backups, I was in a real pinch. So thankful I found your recovery product, thanks for the help! I will be recommending it to my friends :)

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2012-11-11 06:46:44
Very amazing product! by Brittany Auger

Ahh! I couldn\'t believe I did such a dumb thing and went and deleted the folder containing my graduation party photos. Those are important - forever! I mean they\'re memories. But with Photo Recovery I actually was able to recover them.

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