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2013-05-14 22:58:37
Computer Guru by Jack Vanders

I get requests all the time to fix peoples computers. I have used all kinds of boot disks, utilities, boot managers, partition managers etc. etc. This is the first program that actually managed to fix the pc inside of 10 minutes. I backed up everything just to make sure - the backup took 6 hours, and then 10 minutes for the wondershare live boot. My customer is back in business, thanks for a great product.

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2013-03-04 11:31:28

As a Computer Engineer, I tried to fix my non bootable laptop without success. After trying numerous boot discs, recovery discs and windows discs, none of them would get my Vista laptop up and running. I was about to give up and re-install Windows again when I read about LiveBoot 2012 and decided to get the disc. Amazingly, it fixed my laptop within minutes. Brilliant piece of software and recommended for computer engineers and home users alike :)

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2013-02-19 10:15:47
Absolutely Amazing Software by Marc Ellis

After approx 5 hrs of reading numerous blogs/support rooms/forums on what to do to get my laptop's operating system installed - i had come to the conclusion that i would have to reinstall not only Windows 8 (my operating system) but also Windows 7 as I purchased the upgrade software and that without a disc was going to be a long excercise. Then i came across the LiveBoot software and for the price I paid, it is indeed a bargain. Worked exactly as the instructions said it would and I am so glad I found this software!!!!

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2012-12-11 19:17:36
Great Software by Jayson Farrez

It recovered my computer instantly and is really amazing!!!!

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2012-11-12 21:33:29
This worked perfectly! by Ruth Martin

I hate when my computer crashes... not a problem anymore with LiveBoot 2012! I was able to recover everything, including my license key so I could reinstall for free. So helpful, I can't say thank you enough!!!

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2012-10-29 14:39:54
Thank you very much, i apreciate!!!! by Bsjdj

Thank you very much, i apreciate!!!!

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2012-10-15 17:55:49
Wondershare LiveBoot 2012 Review by Emily


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2012-10-15 10:07:21
Easy Peasy by Avint

Easy way to fix black screen...right click on screen then adjust your preference on the programme provided. Easy Peasy.

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2012-10-09 23:43:31
ciccia by Elia

Nice **

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2012-10-09 23:39:05
Good by Suca

My pc work again thx

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