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2015-04-19 15:26:53
LifeSaver by Gregory S.

I was upgrading the OS on my computer believing my files were safely backed up on my external hard drive. When it came time to put data back on computer, I get a must reformat message. So of course that's not an option and I find this program after a frantic search and the trial version shows me all the folders on the drive that were supposedly lost. Buying the real version was an easy decision and one I would make again in a heartbeat.This program saved all my newborn son's pictures and years of music that I have collected. Not to mention the grief I would have received from the wife. Well done.

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2015-04-17 14:30:12
awesome product by lucky

U will love it once u start using it

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2015-04-14 15:47:01
d by rifad

my love.take my love

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2015-04-10 04:00:19
Saved my images by Unionjack

I was going to do a re format of my Windows but with over 400+gig of mainly images I had alot of backing up before doing so. Unfortunately for some reason there was a 10gb folder full that didnt get swicthed to my external HDD. I ran this and tho it took 8 hours I ended up with 9gig of what I was hoping for.

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2015-04-08 22:22:03
It just & reliable product by Joe Poon

Recover all my recent holiday photos from a faulty SD card

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2015-04-08 19:26:04
Extraordinaire by Serge Tremblay

Je venais de perdre une grande quantité de photos avec plusieurs heures de classement suite à une défaillance d'un logiciel lorsque je renommais un répertoire sous lequel il y avait beaucoup de répertoires. Suite à des recherches sur le Web, je trouve Wondershare Data Recovery. Tout a été récupéré avec succès. Une vrai merveille de logiciel.

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2015-04-07 12:15:07
es progama de wondershare data recovery by jose cristhian

es muy bueno

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2015-04-06 16:52:36
LIFE SAVING APP! by Daniel Tufaily


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2015-04-05 01:56:15
d drive data by amit rathore

all data

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2015-03-31 13:55:37
Inge by Jorge


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