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2012-07-17 13:51:12
THANKYOU! by Janice

THANKYOU!!! finally something that works!

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2012-07-16 10:39:02
Awesome! by Prem 123gh

You are awesome!!!! Thank you!!! This worked perfectly.

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2012-07-10 23:02:41
Wow by SJ

I wouldn\'t be writing a review, typically, but I just near-lost it because a spreadsheet I had updated for 8 hours yesterday was simply not properly backed up on my computer despite multiple SAVES and no sign that it wasn\'t saved when I closed the document up (and should\'ve been sync\'ed to Dropbox). I didn\'t believe it would work, but I have it back!!! Huge sigh of relief.

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2012-07-10 09:58:55
Powerful by Alex

I like all the functions of this recovery software. It\'s really a powerful one!

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2012-07-03 14:13:16
Great! by Karen

I accidentally deleted all of the documents from my trash on my macbook this evening. After panicking for an hour or so I started \'googling\' ways to recover the lost documents. I came across this program during my google search and took the risk of paying for the software hoping that it worked. It was well worth the money!! I have now recovered all of the files and I couldn\'t be happier!!

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2012-05-12 19:28:58
thank you by Richard Grant

so i have a deadline for monday morning to finish off some graphics for a film and i stupidly deleted 15gig of the source files off my drive. the client is out of town for the weekend so i had no way of replacing the files, so i\'m sitting in a state of shock wondering 1. how am i going to tell the client i had \'lost\' the files, and 2. how i was going to have to work all night on monday night to get the work done. so i\'m thinking what are the chances of me recovering files, i do a web search waiting for the \'it\'s ok you saved it on time machine\'... as if i use that... and what do you know wondershare pops up with a free trial that gets me all of the files back save for one - which i\'m still scanning for right now. hit buy, the price is pricey but it ended up getting me the files back and saving me embarrassment and a stressful start to next week.

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2012-03-19 19:02:53
Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac Review by Kelly C.

Not only did Data Recovery for Mac bring all my documents and media back to life after my most recent blackout, I was able to scan iTunes to recover tons of photos and texts I\'d synced from my iPhone without realizing. Awesome job!

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