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How to Recover Files from Mobile Phones

Help! Need mobile phone recovery!

Hello,I was transferring data from one mobile phone to another, and accidentally deleted files from the wrong card. My music, photos, videos and all documents are gone. How could I get them back? Any help would be appreciated. What to do?

The First Thing in your head: Stop transferring immediately and don't put any new data into the card. Just keep it in the place of its own, because lost data will be overwritten by the new files, which will decrease the rate of mobile phone data recovery.

Nowadays, along with the more and more powerful mobile phones, people tend to spend more time with smart mobile phones for entertainment, such as enjoy movies and music, take photos or make video records, reading books or even handle documents work. However, to work on mobile devices is not as convenient as on computers, and it's much easier to make mistakes as deleting files by careless operations. So remember to make backups regularly for those vital files. Then what to do if the disaster arrives and without backups? Undoubtedly, a mobile device recovery is urgently needed.

How to get a mobile phone recovery that works best?

As to mobile recovery, there are many on the market and most of them can really help to get back the lost files from mobile phones. Then we should choose a better one from them and that's not a simple work. If you used your mobile phone card for long time, there must have been stored millions of files. How to find those you want among them? The original file name is the most important, which enables to find target files quickly and accurately. However, not all mobile recovery software supports this, most of them renamed the file when scanning. Wondershare Data Recovery (available for Win9) can recover the files with original file names, and it supports the recovery of music, videos, photos and other documents, as well as Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac (compatible with Mavericks). Both of them are 100% safe!

Can it really work? Just take a free trial to scan for our mobile phone lost data before pay for it.

Download for Win Version Download Mac Version

Wondershare Data Recovery can perform mobile phone data recovery from different kinds of brand such as BlackBerry, Nokia, Android phone, SamSung, HTC, and more, no matter the data lost due to:

  • Accidentally deleted files from mobile phone card
  • Formatted mobile phone card
  • Mobile phone card got corrupted or inaccessible
  • Power failure
  • Virus infection
  • Others

3-step guide to for mobile device recovery with Wondershare Data Recovery for Windows or Mac

Step 1. Connect your mobile phone card to the computer and make sure that your card can be detected. Run the program and select your card to scan.

Step 2. After the scanning, preview and confirm if your wanted files are found.

Step 3. Check your target files and begin to recover.

Note: Don't save the recovered data on the card again. Find another place for it such as on the computer or other external disk, for safety consideration.

Video tutorial of mobile phone recovery

Download for Win Version Download Mac Version

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Thank u for your reply. My phone will not connect through USB it won't even recognize when plugged in that there is a USB. So this won't help. Thanks!
Hi, if the files are on the internal memory, please try Wondershare Dr.Fone for Android instead. http://www.wondershare.com/data-recovery/android-data-recovery.html But to use this product, please make sure your phone can still connect to the computer.
My Samsung Galaxy S5 died and will not turn on I believe photos from my recent vacation are on the internal memory ...will this help me? The SD card only has 2 photos of the trip and I'm very sad I can't see the others
Hi, I'm not 100% sure that you can get your videos and photos back by using the above mentioned software, but you can try your luck.
hi i have Nokia N8 phone AND i mistaken deleted all my vedio and photos , how should i get back or is it possible , please advise.
OK, I got it. You're supposed to try Wondershare Dr.Fone for Android. I'm not sure whether your phone is supported or not. I've checked out lava iris X1, it's not in out supported list. Anyway, you can try your luck.
hi selena my mobile lava iris x1 is not connecting
Hi, I've checked the supported device list, finding that your phone is not supported by Wondershare Dr.Fone for Android right now. I'm sorry!
And tell me another thing,, does it recovers data from internal storage,, my phn just went dead, and after that i repaired my phone using sony pc companion, and my android got updated, so if it recovers data from internal storage?!!
I have sony xperia m 2004, android 4.3,, it detects my cell, but it can't identify,, i mean when i connect in debugging mode, it installs a bluetooth host something like that, and then nothing happens!! It dont move furthur, whats wrong tell me,??
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