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How to Recover Deleted Excel Sheet Data

Why is possible to recover Excel spreadsheet data?

When you deleted important Excel files by mistake, even emptied them from your Trash or Recycle Bin, the file is still on your computer's hard drive. It's only marked as deleted and replaceable by new files. Thus, you can recover the deleted Excel document before you put new files to the disk to overwrite it.

How to perform a recovery for Excel documents

To recover Excel documents from the Trash or Recycle Bin is quite simple. You only need to restore them to the original place. To retrieve Excel files that disappeared on the computer, you need an Excel recovery tool. Wondershare Data Recovery can be a good choice, which can completely recover your lost Excel documents easily and fast without any quality loss. Or  Wondershare Data Recovery for Mac, if you are using Mac OS X. Both of them are 100% guaranteed safe. You can try the free trial version to scan and preview your lost Excel files before you pay for it.

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With this reliable data recovery tool, you can recover .xlsx and .xls formatted Excel files, and no matter how you lost them, accidental deletion, virus infection, Recycle Bin or Trash emptying, power failure, disk corruption, and more. Moreover, it supports the Excel documents recovery from computer, USB drives, external hard drives, mobile phones, digital cameras, and more.

Besides the recovery for Excel, Wondershare Data Recovery (for Mac) also enables to recover videos, photos, music and other documents like Word, PPT, PDF, Text, Archive, Email, HTML and more.

3 steps to recover deleted Excel documents

Choose the right version, download and install it on your computer. Then launch it. Next, let's try the Excel file recovery in Windows together.

Step1. Choose a recovery mode

Below is the primary window of Wondershare Data Recovery for Windows software. Here are several recovery options for you to choose. You can choose the one describing the best for your situation.

Let's try "Lost File Recovery" first.

excel recovery

Step2. Select the disk and scan it

Here, all disks or partitions on your computer will be detected and displayed. You need to appoint  the place where you lost your Excel files and scan it.

Besides, this Excel recovery software also enables you to recover data from other removable devices, as long as they can be detected by your computer.

recovery for excel

Step3. Check and recover Excel files in Windows computer

After the scanning, all recovable files are displayed in the scan result. You can check them one by one. As to Excel files, you can preview the content before recovery. Mark those you want and click "Recover" to save them all with one click.

excel document recovery

Note: Don't save the recovered Excel files on the orginal place again. Find another partition or external disk to store them, for safety consideration.

Download win version Download mac version

Video tutorial of excel recovery

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Yes, please download the trial version to have a try first.
is there a chance to recover my excel files?... that attacked by recycler virus and i deleted the recycler folder.. plz help