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How to Record Streaming Video

Nowadays, more and more people go to video sites like YouTube to watch their favorite movies or music videos. However, the videos or music from these sites usually cannot be downloaded easily. What can you do if you want playback of the videos offline on personal computers or portable devices? Yeah, you can record the streaming videos from the websites and it's even better that you can download the streaming video directly. Here we provide two tools for you to get streaming videos via video screen recording abd direct video downloading.

Part 1: How to get streaming video through video screen recording

Let's first see the introduction to the program and then check out the detailed steps of recording streaming video with it.

Program you need-Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

wondershare video converter ultimate
  • 1. Convert videos to 158 formats
  • 2. Record streaming video with zero quality loss
  • 3. Edit videos with many styles

How to use Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate to record streaming video

Step 1. Install the streaming video recorder

Download this program and install it. Launch it after installation and you will go to a window like the one on the right.

record streaming video

Step 2. Record streaming video

Hit the Start menu of your computer to find the Wondershare Video Recorder. Click the option and go to play an online video. After the program detect the video, a red rectangle will surround the video screen and also several options will appear on the top left. Click the record streaming video button to start recording the video.

wondershare streaming video recorder

Step 3. Convert the videos to other formats

When you stop the recording, the recorded video file will automatically show in your front. If you need to convert the video, you can import the video to the program again to get it converted.

win Version mac Version

record online streams

Part 2: How to get streaming video through direct downloading

Let's first see the introduction to the Wondershare AllMyTube and then check out the detailed steps of downloading streaming video with it. Note that not all of the video websites support direct downloading. If you come across some of them, please turn to part 1 for help and straightly record the online streams.

Program you need-Wondershare AllMyTube

wondershare streaming video recorder
  • 1. Download videos from many streaming video sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and much more
  • 2. Convert downloaded videos to different formats you need-AVI, MOV, MP4 etc.
  • 3. A Task scheduler and support managing and playing videos

How to use Wondershare AllMyTube to download streaming video

Step 1. Install the Wondershare AllMyTube

Download this program and install it. When you launch it after installation, you will see a clean window as shown on the right.

streaming video recorder

Step 2. Download streaming video

Launch your browser and find the streaming videos you want. Click a Download button on the top right of the video when it starts to play. Then the program can begin to download the video right away. Or you can copy the URL of the streaming videos and click the Paste URL Button on the primary window of the program to start downloading the videos.

record streaming video

Step 3. Convert the videos to other formats

If you want to play the videos on your portable devices, please click Convert and select the format or device you want as below. After that, you can enjoy your videos anytime and anywhere.

win Version mac Version

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Thanks. I found it to work better with internet Explorer than with Chrome although sometimes it trims off a little bit of the frame in which case I aligned the video by trial & error.
Hi, you can drag the recording red rectangle when it fails to surround the playing video automatically. Please have a try.
I have windows & use Google Chrome but whenever I record a Youtube video, the video comes cut in half missing the other half. Why???
Thanks for your suggestion, i will forward your advice to our technical support team. Please stay tuned with us.
Hi - I have both of those products but I need to record "live" internet not just download - are you going to be able to upgrade either of the two products to do so on a Mac pls ?
Sorry for causing the inconvenience. The recording function is only available on Windows. And you can try to use AllMyTube for Mac to directly download streaming videos. It supports many websites.
The instructions to record streamed video are not really clear to me - I have a mac and cannot see any "record" button anywhere. I've got the Ultimate video convertor. Downloading videos is fine - my issue is recording "live"