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How to Upload Photos from iPhoto to Facebook

iPhoto is the built-in photo manager in Mac, which allows you to organize your photos by time, place and event description. Facebook is the king of social networking website. Over 600 million active users are using Facebook until January 2011. Now one thing to ask: could iPhoto connect to Facebook so that your friends can easily watch your uploaded photos and give their reviews? Below is the step by step tutorial on how to export iPhoto pictures to Facebook.

What you will need to upload photos from iPhoto to Facebook

1. A Mac computer with iPhoto 5 or later

2. Facebook account. No? Register one for free

3. iPhoto to Facebook Exporter

Now see how to export iPhoto to Facebook using Web Album Exporter

1 Install Facebook Exporter

First of all, download Facebook Exporter for iPhoto. When open the iPhoto to Facebook Exporter app info pages on Facebook, click Download App button. You will get a zip file. Double click to unzip it and double click the installer package to start installation.

2 Run iPhoto Application

After installed iPhoto to Facebook Exporter, open iPhoto application, and you will see a "Facebook" tab in the bottom right hand side of the screen. Click the Facebook tab and on the pop-up screen, you could choose specific photos or albums within iPhoto on the left. On the center of pop-up screen, simply type in your caption if necessary.

export iphoto to facebook.jpg

3 Start exporting iPhoto Picture to Facebook

Now hit the " Export" button to change the status of selected photo to "pending" . The final approval is required before they are visible on your Facebook page.

iPhoto to Facebook Tips:

1.You could also upload iPhoto pictures to Facebook using Java-based uploading tool. But you can't see your iPhoto Library.

2.Even if you have log on Facebook, you still need to log on Facebook (again) to synchronize the iPhoto Exporter plug-in to your Facebook account in the "Export" window of "Facebook" tab. To do so, click on the "Login" button at the upper left corner. Then a new window will pop up in your Internet browser to let you log in.

3.You cannot upload iPhoto pictures directly to a group or event from iPhoto. However, after upload photos from iPhoto to Facebook, you can always move photos from an album to a group or event by clicking "Add Photos" and then selecting the "Add from My Photos" tab.

4.You could use iPhoto pictures to make 2D/3D flash gallery to share on Facebook, website and blog.

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