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How to Remove Duplicate iPhoto Photos Easily

iPhoto is a perfect free photo editing software installed on every new Mac for users to organize photos, make photo books, slideshows, calendars, etc. and share photos in an easy way. You may have got thousands of photos in you iPhoto library and you may have merged many iPhoto events or libraries and now you find that there are you many duplicates!

There are so many photos and you may find it is very difficult to find out and delete the duplicates. Of course, you can scan every photo in your iPhoto collection and delete every one manually. But doing that will take a lot of time. Here we will tell you an easy way to remove iPhoto duplicates fast.

Guides on how to remove iPhoto duplicates easily and fast

Step 1: Download and install Duplicate Annihilator

Apple doesn't provide a simple way to remove iPhoto duplicates directly. However, you can do it easy with a handy utility - iPhoto Duplicate Annihilator. It is a plug-in to help you get rid of iPhoto duplicates. The pity is that it is not free and you have to pay $7.99. Download, install and run Duplicate Annihilator.

iphoto remove duplicates

Step 2: Scan duplicates in iPhoto

Open Duplicate Annihilator and you will see a tab named Find duplicates. Please make sure "MD5 checksum" and "Set duplicates' comments to duplicate" are selected in the Preferences. This will ensure that the program will scan all the pictures in your library and tag all duplicate copies it finds by putting "duplicate" in the comments. If you have too many images, the process of finding duplicates will take a quite long time. If you are using the trial version of application, it will only scan at most 500 images.

iphoto duplicate remover

You'll find that Duplicate Annihilator has moved all of the image files it believes to be duplicates there. You can choose to either chuck them out or, alternately, send them back to iPhoto if you want to keep it.

Since you have so many photos, you can also make a scrapbook in Mac with a Mac scrapbook software or use iPhoto to make iPhoto slideshow, iPhoto calendar, etc.

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I think it works most of the time, but I have a whole selection of photos that are clearly duplicates but Annihliator skips them every time regardless of Magic or other settings. Any thoughts?
Brattoo Propaganda Software
Duplicate Annihilator have been successfully used on libraries as large as 1.000.000+ images.
Duplicate Annihilator only works on about half of the duplicates. I wish everyone would quit recommending it unless they have actually tried it with a huge number of duplicates.