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Top 5 OCR Tools You Should Know

Need OCR software to extract text from scanned PDF files? I know how daunting it could be when you face hundreds of Google results, but do not know which one is suitable for you. To save your time in searching for a proper OCR app, I've picked up Top 5 OCR apps from the Internet, hoping they will be helpful.

Desktop OCR Tools

1. Wondershare PDFelement is an all-in-one desktop OCR tool. It allows users to edit scanned PDF files directly on it, editing PDF text, objects, and images, adding comments, splitting and merging PDF files, adding blank pages, just everything users wanted. Additionally, to make it easy for users to reuse PDF files, it is able to convert scanned PDF to editable Microsoft Word, Excel, PPT, Text, RTF, and more quickly and efficiently.

Download  PDFelement to have a try!

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Annotate PDF Files

2. Wondershare PDF Converter Pro is one of the most famous OCR desktop apps to extract text from scanned PDF files. The built-in OCR feature will recognize the PDF text accurately. It allows users to convert any scanned PDF files to editable Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Text, and so on with the original PDF layout and formatting greatly preserved. You can download the trial version to see whether it is your cup of tea or not.

Try PDF Converter Pro right now!

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Online OCR Services

  • Google Drive. Whenever you upload scanned files, either PDF or image, Google Docs will inform you to perform the OCR feature to open the file in Google Doc. If you tick the option, Google Docs will extract text from the scanned file and display it in Google doc format. Be careful, when performing OCR, the original scanned file formatting and layout will be lost.
  • OnlineOCR Service enables you to convert image-based files to Microsoft Word, Excel and plain text. And more than 30 recognition languages are available. All you need is browsing the files on your computer, selecting languages and target output format and then clicking the "recognize" button. The limitation is that the file size is no more than 4MB.

Top 5 OCR Applications to Make Text on Editable

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I've downloaded other ocr's and they let you convert 1-3 pages to test out their software. I haven't yet found one that actually works well. I'm reluctant to spent 90 dollars without being able to test your services. If someone scans a page in a book and then saves it as a pdf. would your software be able to convert it properly. especially if document being converted is in columns.
Thomas Jones
Yes, try PDF Editor. It always keeps the data in good format.
Thanks for the post. Do any of the solutions have the ability to be able to keep the data in a structured format, i.e. in the columns and rows that it was in in the pdf? That would be super-handy (for me).
I just downloaded PDF Converter Pro and tried it out, and it worked very well. I used it to scan a bank statement. I am an accountant, and I am working on a project to automate the bank reconciliation process. I can export accounts from Simply Accounting to Excel, but had to enter bank statements by hand. No more! I tried feeding a multi-page statement to PDF Converter Pro, and it had problems, but one page at a time works every time, and I can live with this. I had tried a more expensive product, and it didn't work as well. Good job.


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