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How to Transfer PDF to iPhone 5/iPhone 4S

"I have a range of PDF files need to be transferred to iPhone. However, since upgraded to the latest iTunes, I don't know how to transfer PDF to iPhone. Now the iPhone is displayed on the top right. There must be a way. Thanks! "

iTunes is the best program to transfer PDF files to iPhone. Using it, you can transfer a collection of PDF file to iPhone at a time. Though iTunes 11 looks different from the old one, the feature of syncing PDF files to iPhone is still available. Follow the steps below to use iTunes to copy PDF files to iPhone.

  • Launch iTunes, Click File>Add Files to Library to import PDF files to iTunes Library;
  • Connect your iPhone with your computer via the USB cable.
  • Click your iPhone on the top right to enter the iPhone management mode. In the new window, Click Books to show PDF files in iTunes.
  • Click Sync Books and select to transfer all books or selected PDF eBooks.
  • Click "Apply" to transfer PDF to iPhone.

transfer pdf to iphone

Ok, the above is about how to use iTunes to copy PDF files to iPhone. This is the most widely used way to copy eBooks to iPhone. If you don't want to use iTunes, you can attach the PDF to your email and send it to yourself. And then use your iPhone to open the email, click the PDF attachment to bring up to Arrow Open in option. Select an app to open the PDF file. That's it.

Tips & Tricks to Enhance PDF Reading Experience on iPhone

iPhone is not like iPad, which has a big screen. To read PDF files on iPhone with better experience, users have to convert PDF to iPhone friendly format, EPUB. EPUB is the standard eBook format for iPhone, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. On iPhone, readers are allowed to adjust EPUB eBook font and add bookmarks to manage the EPUB eBooks.

To convert PDF to iPhone EPUB, I suggest you use Wondershare PDF to EPUB Converter - a professional PDF tool to convert PDF to the standard EPUB eBook. Download the PDF to iPhone EPUB Converter to convert PDF to EPUB. In this article, we tell how to convert PDF files to EPUB on Windows PC. If you're a Mac user, try Wondershare PDF to EPUB Converter for Mac>>

Download the PDF tool to convert PDF to EPUB for iPhone!

Download win version Download mac version

Step 1. Upload PDF files 

Launch this PDF to iPhone Converter and click " Add PDF Files" to upload PDF files. This PDF to iPhone Converter is able to convert multiple PDF files at a time. To save time, upload an array of PDF files to perform the batch conversion.

PDF to iphone

Step 2. Convert PDF to iPhone format, EPUB

Click the Convert button to convert PDF to iPhone friendly format, EPUB. Bingo ! This is it. After the conversion, you can check out output EPUB eBooks in the output folder. 

Watch the Video Tutorial for How to Transfer PDF Files to iPhone

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