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How to Convert Protected PDF to Word

Want to convert password protected PDF files to Word documents, so you can edit or reuse the PDF content freely? In fact, it's very easy to do it. In the following, 2 easy solutions are provided for you to convert PDF files which are protected from copying, editing or printing to editable Word documents.

Solution 1: Convert password protected PDF files with a desktop tool (faster & more features are available)

Before we get down to business, let’s do some prep work first. The first thing we need is downloading and installing the tool we’re going to use, Wondershare PDF to Word Converter. It is a professional tool to crack PDF protection and save PDF to Word document. Wondershare PDF to Word tool is a must in converting protected PDF to Word document. Just click the download button to download the right version for your Windows PC or Mac. And then follow the 2 steps to convert PDF to Word.

Download win version Download mac version

Step 1. Import protected PDF files

On Mac PDF to Word tool, find the PDF files that you want to convert to Word and drag them directly to the main window of this app.To save your time in converting protected PDF to Word, batch conversion is a good choice. Just upload an array of PDF files to the app at a time.

protected pdf to word

Step 2. Convert protected PDF to Word documents

If a lock appears on the PDF item bar, it means the PDF is protected by an open password. In this case, click the lock to enter the right password. If no lock appears, forget it. It simply implies the PDF is only protected from copying, editing and printing. If everything is prepared, just click the big Convert button to begin the protected PDF to Word conversion.

Bingo! This is how to convert protected PDF to editable Microsoft Word documents. In a few seconds, you’ll find the Word documents on the output folder. Easy, isnt it? Use Wondershare PDF to Word Converter to convert password protected PDF to Word files right now! If you have some image-based PDF files, learn how to convert PDF image to Word>>

Download PDF to Word Converter Trial Version!

Download win version Download mac version

Solution 2: Convert password protected PDF files with an online PDF converter (free, convert one file each time)

Besides the above mentioned desktop Wondershare PDF to Word Converter, you can also try the online tool - Wondershare PDF to Word Online Converter. It's a simple tool that allow you to convert password protected PDF files online. And only in 2 steps, you'll made it. Try it right now below.

Step 1. Click Choose File to browse your computer for the PDF file. After finding it, upload it. If it's an online PDF file, you can paste the URL in the Download it from box.

Step 2. Choose the Word document type you want your output document to be and click the Convert PDF to Word Now button to begin the process. After the conversion, download the link provided for you to get the output Word document.

Compared the solution 2 with solution 1, you'll find the solution 1 allows users to convert password protected PDF files with a more convenient way. It has no requirement for PDF file size and it allows users to upload a range of PDF files to perform the conversion in batches. If you apply solution 2, the PDF file you upload should be less than 10MB, or you will fail to upload it.

Watch the Video Tutorial for How to Convert Protected PDF to Word

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Just found this software. Works Great & Boss is happy. I think it is fair there is a watermark on the 15 day trial... If you don't like the watermark, purchase the software and support the company. :)
i don't know what you mean fully password secured file. it is a PDF file that you need to enter password to open? I think you should download the above mentioned PDF to Word Converter and follow the steps.
i wanna convert a fully password secured file into ms word file. which software should i download. s it possible or not
help me please
Hey, Breezy freely, If a lock appears in the PDF item bar on Wondershare PDF to Word converter, then you should enter the right password. If you do not know the right password to open the PDF file, then you can't convert it to word. I am really sorry.
Breezy freely
What if you do not have a password?
wow!! I love this... :p
i've used Wondershare PDF to Word Converter for a long time, never met the situation you mentioned. i think you should reinstall the app and have a try.
Hi, can someone please help me with this query. I have a password protected pdf and when I tried converting, the original document did not appear. Any idea what I should/can do? Thankyou!!
ha-ha, you should register the app. with the trial version, only 5 pages can be converted :)