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How to Print PDF on iPad

Do you need to print the PDF eBooks on your iPad as hardcover books? If so, you can achieve your goal within a few taps. You might have already known that besides reading PDF, iBooks is capable of printing PDF eBooks. Here are the steps to print PDF on iPad via iBooks.

Step 1. Open PDF with iBooks.

No matter where you PDF files are saved to iPad, you can open them in iBooks. Simply tap the Open in button to open the specific PDF eBook on iBooks. And then in the Collection, tick PDF and then you could see your PDF collections on the virtual shelf. Select the PDF you need to print and open it.

open PDF on iBooks

Step 2. Print PDF

Slightly tap on the page of the PDF to enable the tool bar. On the ribbon, click the "Open in" icon, then you could see the option "Email" and "Print". Tap "Print" to reveal the "Printer Option". From here, you need to:

  • Select Printer: select a printer that is available for your iPad. Make sure that you've connected to the wireless network. Otherwise, you cannot connect to any printer around your area.
  • Select page range: print all pages or part of the PDF file
  • How many copies to print: set for copies you want to make.

After all in done, tap the "Print" button to finish the task.

open PDF on iBooks

Actually there are many third-party apps being able to print PDF files on iPad. You might have purchased one or two, but have not found this functionality yet. Try to find the function if you do not want to use iBooks. If you already have iBooks installed, why bother to find another app to do the task?

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Of course you can print PDFs from iBooks on your iPad. After you open the PDF document you wand to print, on the top-left, the 3rd button is the option for Print. If your iPad is connected to the Internet, you can print the PDF file from here by connecting it with your wireless printer.
can you print pdfs (from ibooks) from your ipad from a non-wireless printer? connect it via a usb perhaps?
Hi, Kevin, You cannot print the PDF file because it is protected by a password. In this case, the only option is removing the password. You can send it to your email. Then download it on your computer and try to remove the password with PDF Password Remover. This is the way I know. I haven't found any iPad app to remove the password. Hope it helps! :)
Hi Summer, I have an original iPad. Also we just bought a new hp 6520 printer on black Friday. The pdf document is a password protected bank statement. I was able to view it in iBooks, but the only option was to email it. But that didn't work either. The iPad will print emails on the new printer. Just curious if you have any other helpful thoughts. Thanks, Kevin