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How to Remove PDF Security in Mac OS X/Windows

"I have a secured PDF and want to remove the security, so I can highlight and comment on the PDF. Any idea about how to remove PDF security? "—  Dave
This question comes from Yahoo Answer. And the other day, one of friends asked the same question. Now thousands of reports, textbooks, dissertations shared on the Internet are PDF files. However, to protect the owners' rights, 95% of these PDF books are protected from being copied, edited, and printed, even for non-commercial purpose. To work or study more efficiently, sometimes, removing PDF security is very necessary. The following is about how to use a PDF security remover to remove PDF security.

To remove security from PDF, a PDF tool is needed. Here in this article, the PDF security Remover we're going to use is Wondersahre PDF Password Remover, an app specially designed for removing PDF protection. It allows users to remove both owner and user passwords within a few seconds. And only in 2 steps, you'll remove security successfully. Try PDF Security Remover right now!

Download win version Download mac version

Step 1. Upload PDFs

On Mac, drag and drop PDF files to PDF Password Remover for Mac. On Windows PC, click the Add Files button to locate the PDF files on your hard drive disk. Batch removing PDF security is supported. Here in you can upload up to 200 files to the app at a time.

  • If a PDF file is protected from being opened, then a lock will appear on the PDF item bar, implying that you should click the lock to enter the right password first. Otherwise, you still can't remove the security. 
  • If no lock appears, it means the PDF is protected by an Owner Password, which is used to protect the PDF from copying, editing, and printing. If so, just skip to step 3.

PDF security remover for mac

Step 2. Remove PDF security

Click the Start button to remove the PDF security. Bingo! You've made it. Just in a second, you'll find the PDF Password Remover has arranged the PDFs properly in the preconfigured folder.

Download the PDF Security Remover to have a try!

Download win version Download mac version

Video Tutorial for PDF Security Remover

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Hi, Shekhar, When you want to use it fully,you need to pay for it. After purchase, a licensed email and registration code will be sent to you via email. Of course, you can still try the trial version, but security for only 5 pages of a PDF file will be removed and it will expire in 15 days.
Shekhar Sewratan
Hey, I downloaded the windows version and it installed succesfully. But after the installation has complated, it ask for a licensed email and a registration code. What is that??
hey, Judith, Wondershare PDF Password Remover works well in Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8. Please make sure your Mac is running in one of the OS. If it is, please re-install the app.
I dont really know what is wrong but it aint working in my mac? what do you think is wrong??
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The quality of information that you are providing is simply marvelous.
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