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The Best PDF Restrictions Remover to Remove PDF Restriction

Are you looking for a PDF restrictions remover to remove the restrictions that protect the PDF from printing, copying, editing, or even opening? I know how annoying it can be when you spend a lot of time finding a useful PDF report, only to find that you cannot open it, copy content, or even print it. To solve the problem, the most efficient way is using a PDF restrictions remover.

I do not know what you got when you type the query "PDF restrictions remover" in Google Research box. To be honest, I did not get a satisfying result at all. The other day, one of my friends just introduced me the PDF Restriction Remover: Wondershare PDF Password Remover. It is able to remove the PDF restrictions that protect the PDF from being copied, edited, printed or even opened effortlessly. Only in 3 steps, you'll get a clear PDF file. Let's see how it works its magic.

Step 1. Download and install Wondershare PDF Password Remover

Click the download link to download the installation package of PDF Password Remover. After you download it, double-click the setup file to install it. In thisa article, we mainly talk about how to remove PDF restriction in Mac OS X with Wondershare PDF Password Remover for Mac. It's fully compatible with OS X Mavericks, Mountain Lion, and Lion.

Download mac versionDownload win version

Step 2. Import PDF files

Launch Wondershare PDF Password Remover for Mac and drag PDF files to it. Removing restriction from multiple PDF files is available. In this case, you can upload a range of password restricted PDF files each time. If a lock appears on an item bar, then it is an open password protected PDF. In this case, you need to enter the right password to unlock it. If no lock appears, then you could skip to the next step.

PDF restriction remover

Step 3. Remove PDF restrictions on Mac

Click the Start button to remove the PDF restrictions. In a few minutes, you'll get a batch of PDFs that you can copy, edit, or print freely. Bingo! It is amazing, right? Wondershare PDF Password Remover has done a good job in helping me remove PDF restrictions. Hope it could be helpful for you as well.

Download PDF Pasword Remover Trial Version !

Download mac versionDownload win version

Watch the Video Tutorial to Remove PDF Restriction

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Hi, Joanna, just try it! it removers restriction on PDF copying, editing and printing. With it, you'll make it.
pdf restriction here means pdf copying, editing and printing? i am not sure about it. i have a file i can copy text, but cannot print it.