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How to Remove PDF Permission

Found a precious PDF report, but cannot copy, edit, or even print it? This is what's going on right now on the Internet. Though you can find thousands of PDF textbooks, dissertations, even financial reports, normally, you cannot make most of them if you do not get the permission to unlock it. To solve the problem, you should know how to remove PDF permission with a PDF Permission Remover.

The PDF Permission Remover I'd like to recommend to you is Wondershare PDF Password Remover, a profession tool to remove PDF permissions. It lets you unlock PDF files protected from copying and printing without requiring the permission. You might think it must be very complicated to remove PDF permissions, right? In fact, it is easy. Download PDF Permission Remover to have a try! 

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Step 1. Import PDF files

On Mac, drag PDF files directly to the PDF Permission Remover. On Windows PC, click "Add Files" to upload PDF files. To save your time, you can upload a slew of PDF files to remove the permissions. 

remove pdf permission

If a lock appears on the PDF item bar, it means the PDF is protected by an Open Password, which protects the PDF from being opened. In this case, you need to enter the right password to unlock it. If there is no lock, it means the PDF is protected by an Owner Password. If so, no password is needed. All you need to do is to skip to step 3.

Step 2. Remove PDF Permission

Just click the Start button to remove PDF permissions. In a few minutes, you will see clear PDF files on your computer. You can copy, edit and print it freely. Cool, right? To manipulate the PDF files freely, try the PDF Password Remover right now!

Download PDF Permission Remover to have a try!

Download win version Download mac version

Watch the Video Tutorial to Remove PDF Permission

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tried it, really good! i recommended it to my assistant to remove pdf permission for pdf printing. thank you, guys!