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How to Open Password Protected PDF Files

Get some important PDF files but cannot print or copy text form them? It is a common situation you could encounter. To protect a PDF file from being used unexpectedly, people, especially these PDF files creators, are likely to protect these PDF files with passwords. If you want to print or make a password protected PDF file editable, you need to learn how to open password protected PDF files.

Well, to open protected PDF files, you need to know that there are two types of protected PDF files. One is User Password protected PDF. You can open and view this kind of PDF files. However, you’re not allowed to copy or print the PDF. Another is Open Password protected PDF. With this Kind of PDF files, you cannot even open them until you enter the right password. Here are the solutions to remove password protection from PDF files.

Open User Password protected PDF files

To remove User Password protection from PDF files, try Wondershare PDF Password Remover. It enables you to remove the User Password from a PDF file in a 1-2-3 step.

Download Wondershare PDF Password Remover to have a try! Both Windows version (Wondershare PDF Password Remover) and Mac version (Wondershare PDF Password Remover for Mac) are available. Download the right trial version for your computer.

Download win version Download mac version

  1. Download, install PDF Password Remover and run it.
  2. Drag and drop PDF files to the app.
  3. Set a folder to save the output PDF files and click "Start".

In just a second, you'll successfully remove PDF protections. It is the most efficient way I've ever known. After then, you can open password protected PDF files without any hassle.

how to open pdf password

 Remove Open Password from protected PDF files

If you know the Open Password for the protected PDF file, you can use PDF Password Remover to remove the protection. Just upload the PDF files to the app > Click the lock on the PDF item bar > Type in the password. If you do not know the Open Password, it might be quite difficult for you to open the PDF. You can try some software which uses Brute Force, Key Search or Dictionary Attack to guess the password. When the software figures out the password, it displays the password on the interface. Then you can copy and paste the password to PDF password remover to open the password protected PDF.

Download the PDF tool trial version to open password protected PDF files!

Download win version Download mac version

Watch Video Tutorial to Open Password Protected PDF

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I'm sorry, but I have to tell you that Wondershare PDF Password Remover can't remove the password for the zip file. It only remove password for the PDF file.
I have a pdf file that is password protected inside a zip file that is not password protected and I cant extract the pdf file without entering the password for the pdf file, pls how do I go about it?
buddy, i don't think you can use PDF password remover to pull out the PDF file if the .zip package is locked unless you have the right password.
I have a .pdf inside a .zip file that I can't pull out of the .zip file w/o the password. Any suggestions on how to get this tool to strip the password for that? If so, I'll buy it in an instant...
It will help you decrypt password restriction for 5 pages of a PDF file. To open a password protected PDF file completely, you need to pay for the full version.
what does the free trial have?
it never destroys a PDF file by removing the password. feel free to use it.
Good share. this proves to be helpful for password protecting PDF format files.
I want to use the windows version and I guess this is surely worth a try.
I wanted to make sure this wont destroy the PDF files right?? After their password is broken, they would be useful right??