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How to Make Scanned PDF editable

"I have scanned many precious journals with Canon LiDE 80 scanner, hoping to copy some graphics from the scanned PDF files or add some annotations. But, to my great disappointment, I haven't found good software to make the scanned PDF editable." —Peter

Well, to make scanned PDF editable, a professional PDF tool is needed. Here I'd like to recommend you Wondershare PDF Editor, a PDF editing tool that was specially designed for users to edit and convert scanned PDF file with its OCR Plug-in. Below are simple steps for how to make scanned PDF editable with Wondershare PDF Editor.


Step 1. Download PDF Editor and upgrade it to the OCR featured version

Click the download button to download Wondershare PDF Editor. After the download, click the .exe file to install it on your computer. To make scanned PDF editable, you need to click the OCR button to upgrade the PDF editor to the OCR featured version. Only by enabling the OCR feature, it is able to make scanned PDF editable.

Download win version Download mac version

If you’re a Mac user and need to make scanned PDF editable in Mac OS X Mountain Lion, download the Mac app, Wondershare PDF Editor Pro for Mac. After download, install it on your Mac and learn how to perform OCR to scanned PDF >>


Step 2. Perform OCR to make the scanned PDF editable

After you upgrade the PDF Editor to enable the OCR feature, click the OPEN icon to open the scanned PDF you’re going to edit on Wondershare PDF Editor. The moment you open it, a prompt will pop up, asking you to select the right language for the scanned PDF and perform OCR. Check the right language and click the Perform OCR button to perform OCR to the scanned PDF file.

perform ocr to scanned pdf


Step 3. Edit scanned PDF

When performing OCR is finished, you’ll find that you can select and edit the PDF text easily and freely on Wondershare PDF Editor.

  • Modify or insert PDF text. Under the Home menu, click Edit Text and then move your mouse to the PDF form where you want to edit the text. Right-click the text block, when the cursor appears, enter the right text.
  • Annotate PDF. Wondershare PDF Editor provides a range of annotation tools for users to annotate the PDF content. Users are able to add sticky note, text box, highlight, underline, strike through PDF text, and mark up PDF with all kind of shapes.
  • Insert Images or Watermark. Under the Insert menu, click the Picture to add an existing image to the fillable PDF form. To increase brand awareness, click the Watermark icon to add

Annotate pdf files


This is how to make scanned PDF editable with Wondershare PDF Editor. It is quite easy, right? Download Wondershar PDF Editor to edit your scanned PDF files right now!

Download win version Download mac version

Video Tutorial for How to Make Scanned PDF Editable

Product-related questions? Speak directly to our Support Team >>

Hey, Srinivasulu74, Wondershare has released PDF Editor V.2.0.1. Just follow the steps above, you'll be able to edit scanned PDF on your PC :)
I am looking forward to Wondershare PDF Editor V.2.0, hoping it will help me edit scanned PDF on my PC.
Thanks, Eugene. Wondershare PDF Editor V2.0 will be released on August 15th. The new version will be equipped with advanced OCR technology, which will recognize text on scanned PDF. And it will enable users to export PDF as Excel spread sheet, PPT, TEXT, EPUB, and so on. I think you're gonna like it.
I am looking forward to Wondershare PDF Editor V.2.0, hoping it will help me edit scanned PDF on my PC.