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How to Make PDF Editable on Mac and Windows PC

Need to edit a PDF file, only to find it is a password protected PDF file which is not editable? This happens all the time. You take over a project which was left by one of your workmates who has left without giving you the password for documents. Or you download a PDF copy from the Internet without know the password to unlock it. Anyway, if you want to make these read only PDF files editable, you should follow the steps below.

Well, to make a PDF file editable, the first thing you should do is removing the password that protects a PDF file. Here you can try Wondershare PDF Password Remover to make PDF editable either in Mac OS X or Windows 7/8. Both Windows and Mac versions are available. Download the right version for your computer.

Download PDF Password Remover to make PDF editable

Download win version Download mac version

Step 1. Install PDF Password Remover and import PDF files

After you download Wondershare PDF Password Remover installation package, install it on your computer and launch it right away after you install it. Drag and drop password protected files to the app.

Step 2. Make PDF files editable in Mac

If the PDF files you've added to the app are only protected from copying, editing, and printing, you can directly click the Start button to remove the restriction that protects the PDF files from being edit. If the PDF files are protected from being opened, locks will appear in each PDF item bar. In this case, you should enter the right password to make it editable.

make pdf editable

Bingo! You’ve removed the restriction that protects PDF files from being edited. It is not enough to make a PDF editable by removing PDF restriction. Removing PDF restriction is the first step in editing a PDF. To carry out the editing, you need a PDF editor. Here I'd like to recommend Wondershare PDF Editor, a cost-effective, yet professional PDF editor. With this PDF Editor, you can:

  • Add, delete, and modify PDF text easily;
  • Insert, crop and delete images in PDF files;
  • Mark up PDF files with all kinds of shapes;
  • Add, crop, extract, and delete PDF pages;
  • Add, edit, and delete watermark in PDF files;
  • Merge or split PDF files with simple clicks.

Download Wondershare PDF Editor to edit PDF files now!

Download win version Download mac version

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Watch the Video Tutorial for How to Make PDF Files Editable

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