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How to Make a PDF Form in Windows 8

Need to make a PDF form for your company, but do not know how? Yes, indeed, if you’re not familiar with PDF forms, it would be quite hard for you to make a PDF form, especially one with interactive fields. Actually, there are some tips and tricks for making a PDF form. Instead of making a PDF form from scratch, you can easily make your own stylish PDF forms by using PDF form templates downloaded from the Internet. This article focuses on making a PDF form from a PDF form template. Read on to learn how.

Step 1. Download and install Wondershare PDF Editor

Wondershare PDF Editor is PDF tool that we’re going to use for PDF for making. It is a professional PDF form creating and editing tool. Click the download button to get the installation file. After downloading, double-click it to install it on your computer. This PDF form maker is fully compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista. If you have a Mac computer, please try Wondershare PDF Editor Pro for Mac.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Step 2. Download a PDF form template from the Internet

As I’ve said, it is much easier to make a PDF form from a template than start from scratch. In this case, before you begin to make your PDF form, try to download a similar PDF form from the Internet or from our template page. To download PDF form from the Internet, just type in the name in Google Search Box, and then you’ll see a lot of results. For example, when I enter "insurance claim form" in Google Search Box, I can see many results. Some of them are static forms. Some of them are forms with interactive fields. If your customers are tend to fill out your form on computer rather than print it and write with pen, you should download these ones with interactive fields.

Step 3. Make a PDF form

Launch Wondershare PDF Editor and open the PDF form template you’ve downloaded with it. Before you get start to add text and fields, you certainly need to delete unwanted text, images and other elements. If the PDF template you’re using is a form with interactive fields, you should first go to the Forms Menu, click Edit Field in the submenu. If it is not, follow the next steps right away.

  • To remove unwanted text and images, go to the Home Menu to select the Edit tool. And then click on the text block or image, press Delete Key to remove it.
  • To remove watermark, click the Insert Menu to reveal the Watermark options. Click the Watermark drop-down list, choose Delete watermark to remove all the watermarks over PDF form pages. 

After removing unwanted elements, you need to add text and interactive fields. To add text to explain the interactive fields, click Text tool in the Insert Menu, place the text block where you want it to be and type in text. To add interactive fields, say, Text Field, in the Forms Menu, select the interactive field and move mouse over the PDF form to draw it. This is it. It is very easy to make a PDF form with Wondershare PDF Editor. Once you get started, you’ll know how to achieve your goal.

Create PDF Form

After you add a interactive field, double click it to enable the Properties setting dialogue box on which you are able to set styple, name and layout for the added field.

Create PDF Form

Note: All the tools in the Forms Menu are for interactive fields creating & editing, data importing and exporting. To use these tools, you should click the Edit Field to enable the editing mode. To adding text, watermark and images, please go to the Insert or Home Menus.

Try Wondershare PDF Editor to make a PDF form right now!

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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