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How to Import PDF to LibreOffice

Are you also in need of importing PDF to LibreOffice? Some of my friends, who have installed LibreOffice on their computer, told me that they wanted to import PDF to LibreOffice for further editing, but they did not know. And after I searched on the Internet, I found a way to import PDF into LibreOffice. And here I’d like to share it with you guys who need it.

Ok, first let’s make clear that LibreOffice doesn’t support PDF at all. To import PDF to LibreOffice, users need to change the PDF to LibreOffice supported Word documents. To change PDF to Word document, I myself use Wondershare PDF to Word Converter to convert PDF to Word docs. It is quite simple to convert PDF to LibreOffice file. See how to import PDF files to LibreOffice.

Step 1. Download Wondershare PDF to LibreOffice Converter

Click the download button to download the trial version of Wondershare PDF to Word Converter. And then install the little app on your computer, Mac or Windows PC.

Download win version Download mac version

Step 2. Upload PDF to PDF to LibreOffice Converter

Drag and drop PDF files to the PDF to Word Converter. It supports batch converting PDF to Word documents. So to save time or work more efficiently, you can upload an array of PDF files to convert them at a time.

PDF to libreoffice

Step 3. Convert PDF to LibreOffice

Click the convert to begin the PDF to LibreOffice conversion. In a few seconds, the conversion will be accomplished. And then in Mac PDF to LibreOffice Converter, you should go to PDF to Word > Preferences… > Destination to find the output folder. On Windows PDF to LibreOffice Converter, click the Open button at the lower part of the main panel to see the output LibreOffice documents.

Step 4. Import PDF to LibreOffice

Launch LibreOffice. Click the Open icon on the very left top to browse your computer for the target file. When you find it, open it in LibreOffice. This is it! you've made it!

PDF to libreoffice

Download PDF to Word Converter Trial Version!

Download win version Download mac version

Watch the Video for Importing PDF Files to LibreOffice

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Blatantly untrue! You start with "Ok, first let’s make clear that LibreOffice doesn’t support PDF at all." This is untrue. OK - Libreoffice's PDF import (actually "open" would be more correct) is not very good. It opens PDF's using the "draw" program. Not very good for tables. Which is what I was seeking to modify and how I came across this web page. Perhaps your program that converts PDF to Word document format may be better? I don't know. But, it doesn't imbue me with confidence when a web advert starts off with a blatant lie. I should add that I am not in favour of sticking with "non-ISO document formats" such as MS Word. Word has umpteen variants - a lot of which are not backward, forward or side-ways compatible with each other. Your suggestion seems very "retrofit"; going backwards to older style document formats. I don't know - maybe this is a way of achieving a "lowest common denominator" so that your conversion program will work? It would be nice if your material were more open? honest? I am unsure how to describe it. But, it gives me an uneasy feeling. DavidMusic


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