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How to Insert Image into PDF Files

To make the PDF informative and stylish, need to insert image into PDF? You generate the document into a PDF format, only to find that you forget to insert the image into the document. Luckily, you can still fix it by inserting image into the PDF document. Read on to learn how to insert picture into PDF file with ease. 

Well, to insert image into a PDF file, a PDF tool is needed. If you're not sure which one to trust, try Wondershare PDF Editor, a newly released, simple, easy-to-use PDF tool. With it, you’ll insert image into PDF quickly and effortlessly. Check the steps below to see how easy it could be to insert image to PDF file.

Step 1. Download and install Wondershare PDF Editor

Click the download button to download the installation package. Both Wondershare PDF Editor (for Windows) and PDF Editor for Mac are available. Choose the right version for your computer.  After downloading, install and launch it. In the following, we focus on telling you how to insert image to a PDF file on Mac. For Windows users, please read this guide to learn how to achieve your goal.

Download the right version to have a try! 

Download win version Download mac version

Step 2. Insert image into PDF

On Mac PDF Editor, click the Customize icon on the toolbar to find the “Insert Image” tool on the hidden tool list. Drag it to the toolbar. And then click "Insert Image" on the tool bar, browse your computer to find and open the image you desired to insert. The moment you open it, it will be inserted to the current PDF page.

insert image into pdf

Step 3. Edit inserted image

  • To re-size the inserted image, click the image to reveal the light blue border around it. And then drag your mouse to adjust its size.
  • To put inserted image to the right place, click to select the image and then drag it to the right place directly.

This is about how to insert images into a PDF file with Wondershare PDF Editor for Mac. It's very easy to add an image to a PDF file. However, you need to pay a little patience to adjust the image. To export a satisfying PDF file, I suggest you insert high resolution images. Good luck :)

Try Wondershare PDF Editor to make it easy to insert images into a PDF file!

Download win version Download mac version


Watch the Video Tutorial to Insert Images to PDF Files

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Thank you thank you! Have been searching for a tool such as this. I want to add pictures to existing PDF files I have created using another program. I just tested and am delighted with the results, even on large format files. (ie 24x36) All appears to be OK. I've added this to my Christmas wish list.... but I bet I buy it sooner! The interface is well designed and straight forward to the user. Thank you wondershare. FYI, I found it because of this article. Thank you!