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How to Import PDF to Excel Worksheet

Are you looking for a way to import PDF to Excel? If so, you’re in the right place. This article tells you two ways to import data from PDF to Excel. Solution 1 is about how to use Wondershare PDF Converter to convert PDF to Excel. Solution 2 is about converting PDF to Excel with Wondershare PDF to Excel Online Converter.

Solution 1: Convert PDF to Excel with Wondershare PDF Converter (easy-to-use)

Step 1. Download and install Wondershare PDF Converter

First thing first, click the download button to download Wondershare PDF Converter (for Windows). If you have an iMac, MacBook Pro for MacBook Aird, download Wodnershare PDF Converter for Mac to import PDF to Excel in Mac. This article takes Wondershare PDF Converter as an example, telling you how to convert PDF to Excel in Windows. After the download, install the app on your computer.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Step 2. Import PDF files and select Excel as the output format

From the main window, you can see "Add PDF Files" on the top left. To import PDF files, click it to browse your local hard disk for PDF files that you want to convert as Excel. You can import as many as 200 PDF files each time. To save time, batch conversion is a good idea.

Import PDF files to Excel

After importing PDF files, you should select Microsoft Excel as the output format from the output drop-down list. To customize the output Excel, click Advance Setting button. From here, you can import PDF into Excel with each page into a single Excel sheet or all pages into a single Excel sheet.

import PDF to Excel

Step 3. Import PDF into Excel

Before importing data from PDF to Excel worksheet, you are able to import the whole PDF pages into an Excel worksheet or select PDF page(s) or PDF range(s) to import. When ready, click the Convert button to import PDF into Excel. After conversion, you can click the little folder icon on the window to open PDF in Excel easily.

Try PDF Converter to import PDF files to Excel right now!

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Solution 2: Convert PDF to Excel with the PDF to Excel Online Converter (totally free)

PDF to Excel Online Converter is freeware. It lets you convert PDF files to Excel workbooks freely online. See, to convert PDF to Excel, you only need to upload a PDF file which is supposed to be smaller than 10MB and click the Convert button. Try it by yourself right now!

Note: If the PDF file you're going to convert is larger than 10MB, please try solution 1. The desktop PDF to Excel converter has no limit for file size. Besides, it allows you to upload a batch of PDF files to convert each time.

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