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How to Read PDF files on Adobe Reader for iPad

Finally, Adobe Reader lands in iTunes Store on October 17. I think people who have been accustomed in viewing PDF with Adobe Reader on computers might prefer the app for iPad. It indeed is a good iPad iBooks alternative. In this article, we're going to explore how to use Adobe Reader to read PDF eBook on iPad. Here we go.

Open PDF on iPad

  • From Mail. If you need to open and read a PDF in Adobe Reader for iPad from mail attachment, tap the PDF file. Then you could see a pop-up asking you to select Open, Open in New Page or Copy. Either tap Open or Open in New Page, then the PDF is opened. Tap in the middle of a PDF page to reveal the "Open in…"option. In the drop-down list, select Adobe Reader.
  • From Safari. Sometimes for convenience, you might choose to get PDF files directly from the Internet. No doubt, Internet is a good resource to download PDF eBooks. When you figure out which PDF file you need, you simple need to tap to open it in Safari. Then open the PDF in Adobe Reader in "Open in…" menu.
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  • From other apps. Here other apps are specifically referred to as these apps which have the "Open in" feature, such as neu. Annotate PDF. Open the PDF in the app, and then tap to enable "Open in…" option. In the drop-down list, choose Adobe Reader.
  • sync PDF to iBooks


After you open PDF in Adobe Reader, you can slightly tap in the middle of any PDF page to reveal the Tool Bar to take control of the PDF.

Handle PDF files with Adobe Reader for iPad

  • Switch among reading modes. Tap the first icon on the tool bar to select one of the reading modes: Continuous, Single Page or Automatic. Continuous means PDF pages are displayed one by one. To navigate to from current page to the next page, scroll up and down. Single Page implies you need to scroll back and forth to change the pages. There is also a scrolling bar right at bottom of each PDF page. You can swipe it back and forth to change the pages.
  • Zoom in and Zoom out. The simplest way to zoom in or zoom out PDF is pinching and spreading the PDF files on PDF
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  • Email and Print PDF. In the tool bar, tap the icon to email or print the PDF. To print PDF, you should install Printer beforehand.

If the PDF you view on your iPad is a text book, contract, or a report, you might need to add annotation or sign your signature on the PDF, right? If so, you might need the cost-effective PDF tool, Wondershare PDFelement, which allows you to add sticky note, text box and all kinds of shapes on a PDF.

edit PDF form

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Hi, you can't download a PDF file with Adobe reader, but open a PDF file on your iPad via it. First, when you find a PDF file online, you should use Safari to open the PDF file. And then you can see the option "Open in Adobe Reader".
Hai, i have downloaded adobe reader... I am trying to downloading a file with .pdf format.. However i think it doesnt support "open with" Do u have any idea how to download a file with .pdf using adobe reader?
If your PDF file is saved in double-page spreads, then you can read it with iBook in two page spread. Otherwise, you know you can't view it in two page spread.
I have an iBook and want to view several two page spreads as a two page spread not single-spilt pages. Where do I find the "view" option to change this? Thanks in advance for your help!
Hi, Will, Adobe Reader is able to open any PDF document from email, the web, and any app that supports "Open In".
So this app can only open files from email? What about copying them from a file store or having the ability to drag and drop from explorer or even iTunes?
On Adobe Reader for iPad, you can zoom in and zoom out by taping the zoom in or zoom out icon or using your thumb and forefinger to pinch.
Does Adobe Reader for the iPad have a reflow capability - like zoom>view>reflow on a Mac? If so, how do you activate the feature? many thanks
by default, the PDF files you load on your iPad will be synced to iBooks. open iBooks and tap Collection. Select PDFs. And then you can select to open the PDF file from the shelf. if you use Adobe Reader, i think you can tap the PDF you want to open and select "Open in Adobe Reader".
Kathie Gallardo
I loaded pdf files on my ipad. I opened one file and want to close it to open another one. How do I do that?


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