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How to Crop PDF Pages in Mac or Windows PC

Need to crop PDF pages, but do not know how? Sometimes if you’ve combined a few PDF files from an array of sources, to make the PDF file a tidy one, you need to crop PDF pages to a specific size. This article introduces you a simple way to crop PDF pages in Mac OS X Mountain Lion and Windows. 

Step 1. Download Wondershare PDF Editor

Well, to crop PDF pages in Mac or Windows PC, a PDF tools is needed. In this article, we're going to use Wondershare PDF Editor. It will allow us to crop PDF easily. Now click the download button to download Wondershare PDF Editor installation package. And then install it on your computer.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Step 2. Crop PDF page in Mac OS X Mountain Lion/Windows

On Windows PDF Editor, click the "Crop Page" in the Pages menu. And then draw a rectangle over the area that you want to retain and double-click on the PDF page. When you double-click on the page, a Crop Setting dialogue box will appear, asking you to set the PDF page margins and set the pages that you desire to crop. Just enter the right number and click the "Crop" button to crop PDF pages.

crop PDF pages

On Mac PDF Editor, select Crop Pages in the Document menu to begin the task. When you click Crop Pages, a pop-up will appear. Drag the mouse to select a portion of page to crop. Or you can set the parameters for the margins on the right part of the dialogue box. To save time, after setting the parameters for margins, you can apply this cropping to a specific page, page ranges, or the whole PDF file.

Bingo! This is about how to use to crop PDF pages in Mac OS X Mountain Lion and Windows. Wondershare PDF Editor will never let you down when cropping PDF pages, extracing PDF page and adding watermark to a PDF file. 

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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