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How to Convert PDF to Writable Files in Mac/Windows

  • Sometimes, your PDF files are actually writable. However, your operating system marks it as only readable. To make PDF writable in this situation, all you need is right-click on the PDF file, choose "Properties", uncheck the "Read-only" box and click "Apply".
  • And sometimes your PDF is not writable, that's because they are secured with passwords or they are scanned PDF files. To make PDF writable, you need a powerful PDF tool to convert PDF to writable file formats. 

Below are steps to convert PDF to writable files in Mac and Windows PC.

Step 1. Download Wondershare PDF Converter Pro

Click the download button to download Wondershare PDF Converter Pro. Both Mac and Windows version are all available. After you download it, install it on your Mac or Windows PC. Wondershare PDF Converter Pro is a cost-effective tool which enables you to convert PDF to writable PDF. If you PDF files are protected from copying and printing, you can use it to convert them to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, EPUB, TEXT and HTML. 

Download win version Download mac version

Step 2. Upload PDFs

Drag and drop PDF files to the PDF tool. Batch conversion is supported, so to save time, just upload an array of PDF files to the app. 

  • If the  PDF files you've uploaded are scanned ones, ensure the OCR function is enabled. On Mac PDF Converter Pro, tick the "Enable OCR" option at the bottom of the main interface. On Windows PDF Converter Pro, slide the OCR button to the right. 
  • If the PDF files you've uploaded are native PDF files that are protected from copying, editing or printing, skip to step 3.

Step 3. Select the writable file format

On Mac PDF Converter Pro, click the little settings button to reveal the output format list. On it, select a writable file format for the output documents, say MS Word, Excel, PPT, Plain Text, and so on. On Windows PDF Converter Pro, click the format icon on the main panel to select it as the output format.

edit pdf

Step 4. Convert PDF to writable file

Click the Convert button to convert PDF to writable file. Bingo! In a few minutes, you'll see writable files in the default folder. This is how to convert readable only PDF to writable files. Wondershare PDF Converter Pro is a nice app to deal with the task. Of course, you're able to select Adobe Acrobat X to do the task as well. However, when converting a password protected PDF file, you are demanded to enter the right password on Acrobat.

Try Wondershare PDF Converter Pro right now!

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Watch the Video Tutorial for How to Make a PDF File Writable

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I hope Wondershare will do the job! I need this desparately in the field. (I am a homecare nurse, and often need to use some of my own documents more than once. Once I have used them, I can't retrieve them from my own email at my company, to use parts of them again.) I need to learn more in the tech field to be up to date. Thanks for the great info!
i don't know why you can't edit a pdf file. if it is editing restricted, try Wondershare pdf password remover to remove the restrictions.
How do I convert a PDF to a writable PDF?
does it mean i can convert read only pdf files to microsoft word, right? Good! i got it!!!