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Free Online PDF Creators to Create PDF Files

When you enter the query "online PDF creator" in Google Search Box, you might get tons of results. Yes, indeed, more and more people like to share PDF creators online. Are all those PDF creators useful? It depends. Generally speaking, some of them only help you to save several specific documents, like Word, images, or RTF to PDF files. Some of them enable you to upload a file which is limited with a maximum file size.

The only PDF Creator Online I’d like to recommend to friends is Google Docs. You know, for sake of privacy. Of course, some sites are clear. However, I cannot prove it. I do not want to send my files to an unknown person or website. Google, for its status, should keep users’ info private. If you have a Google account (Gmail account), you can create PDF online for free with Google Docs instantly.

  • Log in Google Docs with your Google account.
  • Upload your file to Google Docs and open it.
  • Click File > Download as > PDF Document (.pdf) to download your file as a PDF file.

It’s more or less the same to create PDF files online: upload a file and then save it as a PDF document on the Internet. Before you use a PDF Creator online, you should make clear whether there is any requirement or not: registration, file size, web browser and so on. Be careful! Sometimes, some free online PDF creators are not really free. They are trial versions which are provided for you to try for free. Maybe watermarks are added to the output PDF document when you try them.

In daily life, I’d prefer a desktop PDF creator with which I can create PDF files hassle freely, without any worrying about private issues. Here you can have my recommendation: Wondershare PDF Converter Pro. Though it is shareware, it creates PDF file for totally free.

Download the free PDF Creator to see how it works.

Download Win Version

  • Launch the free PDF Creator and click the Create PDF tab
  • Drag and drop files to the app. Please make sure that all uploaded files can be opened on your computer.
  • Click the Create button to create your files as PDF documents.

PDF Creator online

This is it! This free PDF Creator is more useful than any online PDF creator. With it, you do not need to connect the network to work it out.

Download Win Version

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Hey, Monica, Just feel free to use the creating feautre on Wondershare PDF Converter Pro. The creating PDF feature is totally free. The 15 days free trial is for the converting feature. If you want to convert PDF files to other documents after trying PDF Converter Pro for 15 days, you should pay for it.
I downloaded it, and they have a free trial for 15 days, but it is not for free...did something change or am i misunderstanding?