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How to Edit PDF Text in Adobe Acrobat

Does it happen to you that after you generated a report in PDF, you found an error on it and need to edit the text? Or you just wish to make the PDF more perfect by adding text? Generally speaking, PDF file is the final document that should not be edit any more. However, who will blame people who try everything to make things better. In this article, we're going to talk about how to edit PDF text in Adobe Acrobat.

Adobe Touchup Text Tool enables you to do a last-minute correction to PDF files. Here are details for editing text with Adobe Acrobat Touchup Text Tool.

edit PDF in Adobe Acrobat

  • Insert text. Select the Touchup Text Tool and the line of text you need to change, and then choose Fit Text to Selection from the context menu. When you see the curser in the text line, type in the correct text. Here Cut, Copy and Paste commands are workable when double-click to select the text sections. So, you know the way to work more easily, huh? Nothing works more efficient than copy and paste.
  • Correct Text. Select Touchup Text Tool and select the text you want to correct, one line a time. Type the correct text.
  • Set font, size and color for text. Select a font in the Font Menu. Any font installed on your computer and embedded in the PDF document is selectable. In the color box choose the right color for your text. If you have not find a proper one in the pop-up menu, click More Colors to bring up the Custom Color dialogue box and select the one you like.

As a matter of fact, I hate Acrobat. Its snail-crawl speed really pissed me off. Compared with Acrobat, I'd prefer the little, light-weighted PDF editing tool, Wondershare PDF Editor. It is much cheaper and smarter. Whenever you edit PDF text, everything moves on smoothly. Just download the free trial version to see how it works. Both Windows and Mac versions are available.

edit PDF in Mac

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You don't have to need Acrobat Pro. It's price is a little high. You can try Wondershare PDF Editor. While using this app, you should enable its OCR plugin.
So I need acrobat pro to do this, or is there another way? I am a student, so cost and functionality are both key. I am no expert....always end up with software purchases not doing what I need, and stuck. Advice? Thanks!
After deleting text, you can regroup the text in the original block or move blocks upward. If you find it's troublesome to do so, you can also convert PDF to Word, and then regenerate it to PDF format.
I understand editing is designed for small changes, and that alignment can become an issue with adding text. I'm guessing the same is true of deleting text.....is there a way to delete a significant amount of text and regroup the text so the deletion doesn't leave a gap on the page?


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