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How to Edit a PDF File in Word

Want to edit a PDF file in Word document? Compared with editing a PDF with a PDF Editor, editing PDF in a Word document is much easier and faster. However, normally, you cannot export a PDF file directly to Word document for further editing. Fortunately, workaround still exists. The following info tells you how to turn PDF files to Word documents and edit them in a Word processor.

OK, first let's turn PDF files to Word documents. To do it, basic there are 2 options you can choose from

Solution 1: Turn a PDF file to Word doc with a desktop tool (easy-to-use)

As I've mentioned, you cannot export PDF to Word for editing directly. Instead, to edit PDF files in Word, you should and need convert PDF to Word first. Only in this way, you are able to edit the PDF content in a Word document. To do the task, you can try Wondershare PDF Converter Software(for Windows) or Wondershare Mac PDF Converter Software. Follow the steps below to learn how to edit a PDF file in Word document.

Step 1. Download and install Wondershare PDF Converter

Click the download button to get Wondershare PDF Converter installer. And then install it on your computer. Both Mac and Windows versions are available. Here we take Wondershare PDF Converter (for Windows) as an example to show you how to edit PDF in Word document. For Mac users, please try the Mac version and follow its guide.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Step 2. Import PDF Files and select Word as the output format

Click Add Files to import PDF files to Wondershare PDF Converter. Up to 200 PDF files are supported each time. To save time, I suggest you upload an array of PDF files to turn them into Word documents. After importing PDF files, select Microsoft Word as the output format in the Output Format drop-down list.

edit a PDF file in word

Step 3. Turn PDF to Word and edit PDF in Word

Click the Convert button to turn imported PDF files to Word documents. In one or two seconds, the conversion should be done. And then you can click the little folder icon on each PDF item bar to open the output folder from where you can open the PDF content in Word. Open them with Microsoft Word, then you are able to edit them.

Try PDF Converter to edit PDF files in Word

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Solution 2: Turn a PDF file to Word doc with an online tool (free to use)

If you don't like to pay any buck for turning a PDF file to a Wor doc, you can try this PDF to Word Online Converter. As you can see from its window, all you need is to upload a file, select the output format, and click Convert to begin the conversion process.

Note: From solution 2 you can see that any PDF file smaller than 10MB is supported. What I'm going to do when the PDF file is larger than 10MB? Keep your shirts on. Try the desktop PDF tool at solution 1. Solution 1 allows you to convert any PDF file without file size limit. And besides, it supports converting a batch of PDF files at a time.

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