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How to Create Fillable PDF Forms

Are you looking for a way to create PDF fillable forms? Indeed, in daily life, especially at work, it is very necessary to learn how to create a writable PDF form since PDF has become the most widely used format for shipping documents. In the following, an easy way is introduced for you to create a fillable PDF form.To create a fillable PDF form, a PDF creator or powerful PDFelement is needed. Here I’d like to recommend you a cost-effective PDF tool – Wondershare PDFelement. It is a comprehensive tool which enables you to create a PDF form easily. Now let’s get down to task with Wondershare PDFelement.

Step 1. Download PDF fillable form creator

Click the download button to download the PDF tool installer. After getting the .exe file, double click it and follow prompts to install the app on your computer. If you have a Mac computer as well, please try Wondershare PDFelement for Mac.

Download win version Download mac version

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Step 2. Get a PDF form template

Generally, there are two ways to create a fillable PDF form: creating a form from scratch or from a template. To save time and energy in designing and creating a PDF form from zero, I’d strongly suggest you create a writable PDF from a template which you can download from the Internet or from our sites. It is very easy to get a PDF form template from the Internet. Just type in the name for the template in Google Search Box, and then you'll get tons of PDF form templates. Of course, you can start a form from a blank PDF page with Wondershare PDFelement as well. However, it will take a long time for you to accomplish it.

Step 3. Create a fillable form

Launch Wondershare PDFelement and open the fillable form with it. Click the Forms menu to reveal all the interactive field options. Click the first submenu "Edit Field" to create a fillable form. To add a form field, just click the Form Field tool. And then move your mouse over the PDF page to add the interactive field: Text Field, Check Box, Dropdown, List Box, Radio Button and so on. Take adding Check Box as an example. All you need is to click Check Box in the submenu, move mouse over the PDF form, draw a Check Box. This is it.

Create pdf form

After you creating an interactive field on the PDF form, double click it to reveal the properties dialogue box. From here, you are able to name the check box, set its appearance, like the borders and colors and its style, etc.
Create pdf form

Step 4. Add text to a PDF form

When creating a fillable form, you’re very likely to add text besides interactive fields to explain the items. To add text to a PDF form, go to the Insert Menu, click Text tool. Move mouse to the PDF form area, click on the PDF form where you need to insert text to type in the right text.

Note: In the Form Menu, all the tools provided are for form fields creating and editing and data export and import. If you need to add text, images, links and watermarks, please go to the Insert Menu. To manage pages, go the Page Menu.

After creating a PDF form, if you want to preview the fillable form, click the “Close Form Editing” in the Form Menu first. And then a complete form is displayed.

Create a fillable form with Wondershare PDFelement right now!

Download win version Download mac version

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Watch the Video Tutorial to Create Fillable PDF Forms

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I have created a PDF form in Wondershare and it is fillable. I have no problem using the form to type in the fillable fields however when someone that is using Adobe to open/view the PDF I created, they cannot type in the interactive fields. I have had numerous messages go back and forth with someone at Wondershare and have not been able to sort this issue out. Any suggestions?
Hugh Dickson
Hugh Dickson again. I forgot to mention I'm using the Mac version 4.0.2 with Yosemite 10.10.2
Hugh Dickson
It's not a bad app for the $49.99 price tag, but it is clunky on some operations. (1) It needs a way to enter exact W & H dimensions for the field boxes, when you need to create duplicates that all have to be the exact same size. Dragging the box borders for exact sizing is nearly impossible. (2) Exact positioning the boxes with the arrow keys needs to have a way of moving them only a pixel at a time perhaps by holding down the option key while using the arrow keys. (3) When entering choices in the drop down list, the "Add" button needs to be live each time a new entry is added so it can be done with the Enter key from the keyboard. (4) Added fields should be searchable using Spotlight or some other search program. Good start but far from ideal. On a 5 star scale, I'd give it 3.5.
Can you add an image field for people to drag and drop images?
Hi, sorry! Right now, Wondershare PDF Editor can't do that :(
Hi, PDF form can't works like Excel. You know that, generally speaking, PDF format is used for the ultimate document that don't need to be changed. I'm sorry!
Bill Ratify
Can check boxes trigger actions? For example, when filling out an order form where the Shipping address is the same as the billing address, is it possible to create an action where Shipping Address is auto-filled with the Billing Address information when the check box "Shipping Address is the Same as Billing Address" is checked?
Hi, I am working on creating a fillable pdf form. * I would like to create a form that: * Has the drop down list of employee names (there are 350 employees) Once the employee name is selected, their personal information, such as address, phone number, annual earnings, etc., will auto-populate in the designated fills. I tried importing information from “Text Tap (delimited)” to pdf, however, only one row can be selected at the time. Also, when I change the employee name using the drop down list, the personal information in the designated fills remain unchanged. This can be done easily in excel by using LOOKUP function. However, I am required to create fillable pdf form to email to all managers. I would really appreciate if you could help me on this.
Hi Summer, Just in relation to this, I was wondering if there was a way to set up like a master template with all appropriate fields and then use this template to drip selected fields into a new application targeted at a specific audience. For example: On the master template it would hold Field's A, B, C, D, E & F then application 1 may include field's A, B, D & E Application 2: A, B, C & F and so forth as you can imagine A would be a common piece of information required from each application such as Name, however the other fields are only required in certain situations. If this is not available with this program, would you be able to suggest another program which would be capable of distributing information in a similar manner. We have multiple applications and it is a very time consuming job to update them with information individually, it would be so much more efficient if you could edit the master template and any application with that particular field in would automatically update to reflect the change. Thank you in advance.
Hey CalEditor, Sure the created PDF form can be filled out via Adobe Reader.