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iPad Apps to Print Webpage to PDF

"Hey, is there an easy way for me to print webpages to PDF on iPad? I searched in Google, found there is so much info and I didn’t which one is useful. Or can you recommend me some apps for iPad to print webpages as PDF format? Thanks!"

Find some useful webpages and want to save them as PDF for reading on iPad? Apple hasn't made the save webpages as PDF  for iOS as what it has done for Mac OS X. Fortunately, there are still many iPad apps to print webpages to PDF. In the following, I listed some. Hope they will be helpful for you to save webpages as PDF on iPad. Good luck.

PDF Printer for iPad is not a true PDF printer, but a tool to save documents, including webpages to PDF on iPad. Just launch the app, navigate to Source>Web on the left side of the main interface, then enter the URL of the webpage you need to convert to PDF. Tap the Open Button at the top right of the screen and select Convert to PDF. The moment you do, the webpage is opened as a PDF file in the PDF Printer for iPad.

print PDF on iPad

PDF Converter to save webpage by using this PDF Converter, I have to say, it is easy to achieve your goal. All you need is launching PDF Converter, launching Safari and opening the webpage you want to save to PDF. And then changing the "http" to "pdfhttp" in the Safari address bar and tapping Go. That's it. 

PDF Printer for iPad is really a "Printer". When you need to save a webpage as a PDF file, launch the app and open the webpage, and then tap "Print" to print the webpage to PDF in real time. It is cool, huh?

Web to PDF for iPad, as its name implies, it is a tool specially designed to save webpages to PDF files. Maybe because of that, it is has a built-in web browser. When you need to save a webpage to a PDF, launch the app, use the internal browser to view the webpage and then tap Convert button.

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Hey, buddy, i am sorry for the trouble i've brought to you. In fact, when I wrote this article, the above mentioned apps are free. if you still need a free app, try "URL to PDF".
Nitin India using iOS 6.1.2
As I see all your suggested apps are paid,what about free stuff dear. Please also suggest some free app for same so that I can also try and evaluate and give my comments/appriciation for you. :) Thanks
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Amazing ! This is the first time that I know how to convert webpage to iPad. Thanks !