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How to Convert Scanned PDF to Text

Need to convert scanned PDF to text, so you don't have to type word by word to get the whole content? Undoubtedly, converting scanned PDF to text is the most efficient way to get text from a scanned PDF file. Well, to convert scanned PDF to text in Mac OS X Mountain Lion/Windows, you need a PDF tool with OCR feature. OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is now the most accurate technology to recognize text in image-based scanned PDF files. Only with the OCR feature, a PDF tool is able to do the PDF to text conversion. Here, I suggest you try Scanned PDF to Text Converter - Wondershare PDF Editor. Follow the steps below to learn how to convert scanned PDF to text .


Step 1. Download Scanned PDF to Text Converter

Download and install PDF to Text Converter. To convert scanned PDF to text, you have to enable the OCR feature on it. Please click the OCR button in the Home Menu and follow prompts to enable the OCR feature. If you have an iMac, MacBook Pro, or MacBool Air, try Wondershare PDF Editor Pro for Mac and learn how to perform OCR to scanned a PDF file>>

Download win version Download mac version


Step 2. Perform OCR to the scanned PDF

After enabling OCR feature, open the scanned PDF files that you're going to convert to text. When OCR Reminder box appear, select the right lanaguge for the PDF files respectively and click "Perform OCR". It takes only a few seconds to finish the process.

Perform ocr


Step 3. Convert scanned PDF to text

In the Convert tab, click To Other to reveal the drop-down list. From here, select "To TXT" as the output format. In the newly window, find a place on your hard disk to save the output text file. This is how to convert scanned PDF to text. It is pretty easy to achieve your goal, right? In a few seconds, you'll see the output text file.

PDF image to text

Download scanned PDF to Text Converter to convert scanned PDF to text right now!

Download win version Download mac version

Watch the Video to Convert Scanned PDF to Editable Text

Product-related questions? Speak directly to our Support Team >>

I've told our product manager about it! Thanks for your suggestion
Please consider to add "Vietnamess" in the OCR language option as well.
I'm sorry that the program doesn't support "Arabic" now and cannot convert scanned "Arabic" PDF files. But we'll consider your advice and add "Arabic" in the OCR language option in our later version.
It does work well, IF this program offered all (original) language choices to convert from. For example; "Arabic" is not one of the languages offered, therefore; an original pdf composed in Arabic will not convert.
Glaydis, Now OCR is the most advanced technology to digitize text in image-based file. Just have a try you'll know how amazing it is!
is it really helpful? to be honest, i am not sure about OCR, does it recognize every word on image pdf?
Yes, the above mentioned way works well in converting image-based PDF files to text. the OCR feature will detects text in image PDFs automatically.
this works on image-based pdf files, right? I have some image-based PDF files. I don't know whether it works or not!


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