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How to Convert Excel to PDF Document

Do not know how to convert Excel to PDF format? In daily life, to work efficiently, it is really necessary to convert Excel to PDF format. Compared with Excel worksheet, PDF document is much more formal for shipping documents among workmates and business partners. And it is you can also sign it with your signature, declaring the status of the PDF document. If you are looking for a way to convert Excel file to PDF document, read on to learn how.

Well, to convert Excel to PDF, a PDF tool is needed. Here, I'd like to recommend you an Excel to PDF Converter. With it, you can convert almost any Excel worksheet to PDF document easily in 2 steps. Let’s see how it works.

Step 1. Download and install Excel to PDF Converter

Click the download button to get the PDF tool installer. And then run it when a pop-up appears. This is the process of installing the PDF tool. After that, launch it right away. Here the trial version for both Windows and Mac Excel to PDF Converter are both available. In the following, I focus on how to convert Excel to PDF on Windows PC with the PDF tool for Windows. If you're a Mac, please try the Mac version. The moment you open it,you'll know how to use it.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Step 2. Convert Excel to PDF

After you launch the Windows PDF tool, navigate to the Home menu. From here, you can see From File in the Create submenu. Click it and in the popped window, find your Excel workbook and open it. It will be opened as a PDF file in the PDF tool and you just need to save it on your computer.

how to convert Excel to PDF

If you want to combine several Excel workbooks into a single PDF file or mix other types of files, like images, with Excel workbooks in a PDF file, you should click Combine right  beside From File. In the popped up dialogue box, click Add Files to add all the files you need and click Combine. Before you uploading files, please make sure all the Excel spreadsheets and files you add to Excel to PDF Converter can be opened on your computer. Only in this case, you'll successfully save files as PDF documents.

how to convert Excel to PDF

This is it! You’ve made it. This is how to convert Excel to PDF. It is very easy, isn’t it? Besides, with this PDF tool you’re able to create the text error, add images to the newly created PDF files, or even crop the PDF pages to a desired width or height.

Download the PDF tool to convert Excel to PDF right now!

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

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