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How to View PDF Files in Windows 7

"Anyone know of any good PDF Viewer for Windows 7?  I upgraded my computer from Windows XP to Windows 7, when I found that the former PDF Viewer stopped working. What a shame. Please help!"

It is a pity that Microsoft Windows 7doesn’t have a built-in PDF Viewer for Windows 7. If you need to view PDF files in Windows 7 based computer, you need a third-party tool. Here in this article, I introduce you one of the best PDF viewers for Windows 7 – Wondershare PDF Editor. It is a light-weight yet professional PDF tool that combines everything into one: creating, editing, converting, and viewing PDF files. Below some of its salient features are introduced.

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4 viewing modes to view a PDF files. This PDF viewer for Windows 7 offers 4 PDF viewing modes: Single, Continuous, Facing and Facing Continuous. If you only need to read a single page each time, Single is perfect. For me, I like Continuous better. It lets you scroll down a PDF file with PDF pages displayed in a continuous way. Facing is good too. This mode displays two PDF pages side by side. It looks like you’re reading a book. If you want to compare 4 pages of a PDF file at once, then select Facing Continuous.

In the View Menu, besides select viewing modes, you can search for text, open several PDF files in different windows, making it very easy to find the content you need and compare different files.

PDF Viewer

A variety of annotation tools. You might want to annotate or mark up PDF text while you’re reading a file. In this case, these annotation tools in this PDF viewer for Windows could be helpful. You can annotate a PDF file with sticky note, text box, mark up PDF text with highlighter, underline, strikethrough and all kinds of shapes (cloud, rectangle, Oval, arrows, etc.).

Windows PDF viewer

As I’ve mentioned this PDF Viewer for Windows 7 is a comprehensive PDF Viewer. With it, you can also create PDF files from almost any document on your computer, edit PDF text, images, add watermark, insert and delete PDF pages, convert PDF files to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Text, RTF, images and more. With it, you can manage PDF files without a hitch. Just download a trial version to find more excellent features by yourself.

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