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How to Build PDF Forms in Windows 8

Looking for a PDF form builder to build PDF forms? In daily life, to do a research or a survey efficiently, the smartest way could be building PDF forms for users to give feedback. If you haven’t known any PDF form builder, I’d like to recommend you one of the cost-effective one – Wondershare PDF Editor.

Wondershare PDF Editor enables you to build PDF forms from templates, saving you time and energy. When building a PDF form, besides adding text, you are able to add interactive fields. This PDF Form Builder offers 6 types of interactive fields for you to add to a PDF form: Text Field, Check Box, Radio Button, Dropdown List, List Box and Button. The following is detailed info for how to use the PDF Form Builder to build PDF forms.

Download PDF Form Builder to try to build a PDF form! If you have an iMac, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, please try Wondershare PDF Editor Pro for Mac.

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Step 1. Download PDF form template

It is much easier to build a PDF form from a form template than start from zero. Before we get down to the task of building a PDF form, we should download a PDF form template from the template page or from the Internet. To download a form template from the Internet, enter the name for the PDF form, like "Residential Tenancy Agreement", and then you’ll get tons of results.

Step 2. Begin to build a PDF form

After downloading the PDF Form Builder – Wondershare PDF Editor, install it on your computer. Then launch it and open the PDF form template you’ve gotten on your computer. Click Edit Field to enter the editing mode.

Add interactive fields. As I’ve mentioned, 6 types of interactive fields are available. To add an interactive field, select the interactive field type in the toolbar first. Click on the PDF form to draw an interactive field.

build PDF forms

After adding an interactive field, double click it to enable the properties dialogue box. From here, you can set the name for the interactive field, its appearance, validation, etc.

Add text. To complete building a PDF form, adding text is needed. When adding text beside an interactive field, go to the Insert Menu, click Text tool. Click on the area where you want to add text to enter text.

build a PDF form

This is about how to build PDF forms with Wondershare PDF Editor, the best PDF Form Builer. Why not try Wondershare PDF Editor right now to build your own form. Have fun in building your delicate PDF forms.

Download PDF Form Builder now!

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