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Best PDF Editor for Windows 8 – Wondershare PDFelement

Are you looking for a PDF Editor for Windows 8? As far as I know, now it is not so easy to find a PDF Editor for Windows 8 on the Internet, because many software developers haven’t upgraded their software to support Windows 8 yet. Instead of searching for a Windows 8 PDF Editor on the Internet by trial and error, you can directly try Wondershare PDFelement. It is a Windows 8 fully compatible PDF editor. Let’s see how to use it to edit PDF in Windows 8.

Step 1. Download PDFelement for Windows 8

Click the download button to get the PDFelement for Windows 8 installation package. And then double-click the .exe file to install PDFelement for Windows 8 on your computer.

Try PDFelementr for Windows 8 now!

Download win version

A watermark will be added to files saved with the trial version!

Step 2. Edit a PDF file in Windows 8

Edit text, images, and watermark in a PDF file

  • Edit text - In the Home menu, click the Edit icon, and then move your mouse to any PDF text block, you can easily enter new text, correct text errors, and delete a row of text easily.
  • Edit images - In the Insert menu, click the Picture icon, users are allowed to add any image from the computer and crop the image to the desired width and height. To delete an image, in the Home menu, click the Edit icon > click to select the image > click Delete key.
  • Edit watermark - In the Insert menu, select New Watermark, Delete Watermark, or Upgrade Watermark from the Watermark drop-down list. From here, you can add new text or image watermark, edit and delete an existing watermark.

Edit text

Insert, extract, delete, and crop PDF pages

  • Insert PDF pages – In the Insert menu, you can click the Blank Page to insert a blank page into the existing PDF file or click the From PDF icon to insert a PDF file into the existing PDF file.
  • Extract, delete, and crop PDF page – In the Pages Menu, click the corresponding icon to do what you need.

delete pages from pdf

Annotate PDF files with sticky note, text box, and shapes

Annotate PDF files in Windows 8 - This Windows 8 PDF Editor provides users straight-forward tools to add annotations. In the Home menu, users are empowered to select any annotation tools: sticky note, text box, highlighter, underline, strikethrough, cloud, arrows, rectangle, etc. to add your comments.

Annotate pdf files

Besides these above mentioned editing features, you can also split and merge PDF files, convert PDF files to editable Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint, EPUB eBooks, Rich Text Format and more with the Windows 8 PDF Editor. Download the trial version to find more excellent features by yourself. Have fun in taking control of  PDF files.

Try PDF Editor for Windows 8 right now!

Download win version

A watermark will be added to files saved with the trial version!

Video Demo for Windows 8 PDF Editor

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Greg, I understand your problem. Croping a pdf page will only temporarily hide the cropped portion. If u really want to hide the portion, first u have to crop the portion, then (if u are using adobe) click print , change printer to adobe pdf. a new pdf file will be created which is no longer editable but will lose the cropped portion. hope u understood. try it. Regards, Binil
Hi, Greg, I know what you mean.We really appreciate that you tell us the problem. But right now almost all PDF program developers, like Adobe, are applying this way to crop PDF pages, mainly aiming at protect the original PDF files. And it's fine to view the cropped PDF file in any PDF reader and editor. Because Corel Draw doesn't display a PDF file like what a PDF reader/editor does, so you can see the cropped part in it. Anyway, we'll figure out whether more people need to crop a PDF page completely or not. Thanks!
Someone here suggested that it did work to crop, but wasn't compatible with Corel. I'm not saying it doesn't work, I'm just saying that cropped files still include all of the original content. If I were trying to remove sensitive information before I sent it to someone, I might be surprised to find that they could see everything I thought I had removed if they had the right program. I'm looking for an editor that will save only the cropped portion, but haven't found one yet.
Actually, that's exactly what I mean. If you do that, and then open the file with Corel Draw (for example), you will see that the entire document is still there.
Hey, I got it! you can try Wondershare PDF Editor to crop PDF files. after cropping it, click File >Save As to save the cropped copies
No, I don't mean the watermark. What I mean is that if you open a document that has been cropped in other programs, the part that was cropped out is still visible. That's because the pdf file was masked to make it appear cropped, but it did not generate a pdf with just the visible part. I'm wondering if there is a way to make it just save the visible portion.
it did save the part you want to keep. And i don't see any masking. i've used the program quite a long time. Oh, do you mean watermark left on the PDF file? after you register it, no watermark will appear.
Can the crop function actually be made to save only the cropped portion instead of just masking (in which case the whole doc can be seen by other programs)?
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can the navigation pane be moved to the bottom of the screen for use in portrait mode?


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