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Adobe Reader Can’t Save PDF Forms - Change the Situation

While filling a PDF form with Adobe Reader, a warning message keeps saying that you cannot save completed PDF form with Adobe Reader? Or after filling out a form, you cannot save it on computer to email to someone? In fact, Adobe Reader is only a PDF reading app. It allows users to fill out a PDF form for printing, not saving. If you still insist on saving completed PDF forms with Adobe Reader, all your efforts will go to waste.

Disappointed? Not using Adobe Reader, then use what? Fortunately, Workarounds still exist. Recently, Wondershare released PDF Editor V.3.0.0, coming with features to fill out, sign, and even edit PDF forms. With it, whether you’re using Windows or Mac computer, you’ll be able to fill out PDF forms and save them on your computer. Below is the info for how to fill out and save PDF form with Wondershare PDF Editor, rather than Adobe Reader.

Download FREE trial PDF tool to fill and save PDF forms on your computer.

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Note: If you have a Windows computer, please download the Windows version (Wondershare PDF Editor). If you have an iMac, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, download the Mac version (Wondershare PDF Editor Pro for Mac). In the following, we will show you how to fill out and save a form with Wondershare PDF Editor Pro for Mac.


Step 1. Fill out PDF forms

After installing the free trial tool on your computer, launch it right away. And then open a PDF form with it. When opening a PDF form, all the interactive fields will be highlighted for you to enter info. Feel free to fill in blanks. To enter text to a blank area where there is no interactive field, click Touchup tool, move mouse to the blank area to type in text.

fill out PDF form

Note: If you still need to create your own PDF form with this tool, read how to create a form in Mac>>


Step 2. Save filled PDF forms

To save a PDF form, held down Command and S on your keyboard. Or go to the File menu, select Save As…

This is how to fill out and save a PDF form without Adobe Reader. Since Adobe Reader doesn’t allow you to save filled PDF forms, you should find other options. Otherwise, every time, you have to print the form after you complete it, scan it and send it. What a tedious job.

Try Wondershare PDF Editor to save PDF forms on your computer!

Download Mac VersionDownload Win Version

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