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Registry Optimizer

September 28, 2009 by admin


29th September 2009-Wondershare, the global leading consumer software developer and publisher, today released the system optimize software Wondershare Registry Optimizer. With the main functions Registry Cleaner, System Optimizer and System Manager, users can easily optimize Windows system and speed up computer on Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7. 

To keep computer healthy and run quickly, we not only need the antivirus and spyware programs but also the registry optimizers because the computer will become slower and slower with the errors or unnecessary information in the registry. According to the survey, 79% of users have used registry optimizers to speed up their computers. 

"Our vision is the software wisdom shared worldwide and our mission is to be a global leading consumer software developer and publisher. System utilities is required world widely and we are confident that we can help more users, we will release more system utilities for consumers worldwide", Said Tony, CEO of Wondershare System Utility Division.

Registry Cleaner
Clean up registry & system: free up disk space by scanning and cleaning registry errors and invalid shortcuts.
Privacy cleaner: selectively erase history, temp files, cache and cookies to protect user’s privacy.
1-click restore: automatically backup each registry change and enables you to restore by 1 single click.

System Optimizer
Optimize system: Automatically adjust registry parameters like Windows menus, network settings, services and memory, enables you to optimize system and Internet performance by simple mouse clicks.
Defrag registry: Remove fragmentation, gaps, and corrupt keys to make registry compacted and consume less memory.

System Management
Repair IE: Fix IE errors and restore over 70 common settings of IE to original settings.
Startup & uninstall manager: Disable or delete unnecessary applications in start-up menu so as to improve boot up speed of PC; safely uninstall unwanted applications without going to the Control Panel.
System tools: Provide you with quick access to built-in system tools like Registry Editor, Disk Cleanup, etc.

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