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The Best Way to Free Download/Record Pandora Music

"I really like its new design. And I could get more information about songs, artists easily. However, what bothers me so much is that the downloader I used to download music from Pandora does not work anymore. What's wrong with it? Is there any way to download Pandora music?"—David

That's the same situation I've encountered. With no doubt during the process of improving Pandora.com, new technology is used and some bugs are fixed. On one hand, you could enjoy music more easily on Pandora.com. On the other hand, your downloader is out of date. Downloading Pandora music is no longer as easy as in the past. But I am a lucky dog. I've found an even easier way to do Pandora music download. Here I would like to share it with you.

All you need is a TunesGo. We have carefully selected three of best recorders for your reference. Let's check out the detailed introduction of tools and how to use them to download Pandora music.

#1. Wondershare TunesGo

free download pandora music
  • 1. Automatically download Pandora streams with good quality
  • 2. Recognize song info for every song
  • 3. Schedule to record and filter out advertisements
  • 4. Be able to create ringtones and play music

How to download Pandora music with the Wondershare TunesGo

Step 1. Install and launch TunesGo

Use the link found above to download and install the TunesGo. Proceed to launching the application after it has been installed. Choose between the Windows and Mac versions, depending on the kind of computer you have.

download pandora music

Step 2. Start to download Pandora music

From the main window, click on the button saying Recorder. After this, proceed to Pandora to search and play the song of your choice.

It will instantly begin recording the song and when it is done, just click the same Recorder button to formally end the procedure. Relevant details connected to the song are likewise searched automatically. These include the album name and cover, the name of the artist, and other interesting details.

record pandora radio

Step 3. Transfer the Pandora music to iTunes

Select the music and click the Add to iTunes button shown in the picture on the right. Then iTunes will launch itself to display the music in the SAR playlist.

record radio from pandora

How to Download Pandora Songs Easily (A Video Tutorial)

#2. Free Sound Recorder

free sound recorder

Free Sound Recorder is a free sound recording program, which supports recording online audio. You need to first open the Mixer window of the program to choose the recording device, then click the Start recording to start the work.It's relatively easy to use and you can give it a try.

Install Free Sound Recorder>>

#3. Audacity


As a free audio recorder and editor, Audacity features more audio editing functions. After some settings, you can have it to record streaming audio as you like.It allows you to save the audio as WAV or AIFF files.

Try Audacity>>

Compare 3 Tools to Download Pandora Music

  Wondershare TunesGo
Free Sound Recorder Audacity
Main functions
Online audio/radio recording
Online audio recording
Audio editing and recording
1:1 Good Quality Audio

Filter out Ads

Identify Song Info

Music Playback

Create Ringtones

Schedule to Record


Transfer to iTunes with 1 Click

  • 1. good audio quality
  • 2. stable performance
  • 3. constant updates
  • 1. free
  • 1. more editing functions
  • 2. free
  • 1. not free
  • 1. not stable enough
  • 2. no constant updates
  • 3. no quick technical support
  • 1. not stable
  • 2. no constant updates
  • 3. not easy to use

We can see from the above table that the Wondershare TunesGo has more functions compared to other TunesGo and it can ensure good audio quality. And you can also try other tools to see which one works the best for you.

Product-related questions? Speak directly to our Support Team >>

Thanks for the article. For those who live outside US and want to access Pandora radio, you can use UnoTelly as I do to get around the geo block.
Hello Mark, it is not a malware. This program is to help you download Pandora music for free. You can first download the free trial to try to download Pandora music and then decide whether to pay for this program. It's all your choice.
What's the gimmick, how can this be free ? I don't trust something like this, it might be malware.
To my surprise it can identify music information very well!
I did well.
Justin Time
This is such a blatant sales pitch. Saver2 works for windows for free, and pandoraJam is far better for Mac... the only possible reason you tote this? You get paid too... or you don't know any better. I bet you know better.
I purchased this and I so much regret it. I am able to record the 1st song (rhapsody website), the the program temporarily freezes and the next song has already started, so it misses the recording the next song from the beginning. Also freezes, hangups, ....
The songs I recorded and transferred to iTunes won't play. They will play in the Wondershare player. How do I play them in iTunes?
Hello Olallie, that may be because the program fails to switch from the virtual sound card back to the physical card of the computer. Refer here for the solution.
When I press "record", the sound on my computer immediately stops, and won't return until I quit the program. And when I try to quit the program, it gives me a warning message that I am recording, but on the little bar where it should show the sound, there is no activity. Help!