How to Play MP4 on Xbox One

The Xbox One is the latest addition to the Xbox family of video game consoles. Other than the support of a great and fantastic gameplay, you'll also be able to watch videos or movies on it. If you have collected lots of MP4 video files, you can transfer them to your Xbox One for a greater visual experience. However, you'll probably come to find out that not all of the MP4 files are supported on Xbox One.

That's because different MP4 files tends to have different video codecs and the codecs might not be compatible with the console. Well, how can you play those incompatible MP4 files on Xbox One then?

Searching the Internet and it will tells you that the common solution is to convert the MP4 files to Xbox One's supported formats, and then transfer the converted files via the DLNA server. Now there is an easier way to help you on this. That's the Wondershare Video Converter. It offers a powerful plugin called "Media Server" which enables you to directly stream any video to Xbox One effortless. Before taking action, learn more information about this software.

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wondershare video converter
  • Supports up to 150 different file formats, MP4 included.
  • The powerful Media Sever plugin helps you directly stream MP4 videos to Xbox One.
  • Easily control the playback right away in the Media Sever.
  • Other functions like download, edit, author and burn videos to DVDs.

Step 1: Load MP4 files to this software

Run this program and then import the MP4 files that's incompatible with Xbox One. You either drag-and-drop the files right onto the interface or as an alternative uploading, you can click the "Add Files" button. A window will appear subsequently leading you to import your local MP4 files.

MP4 to xbox one

Step 2: Choose the streaming device

Make sure your Xbox One and PC are located in the same network, so that Wondershare Video Converter can automatically detect your device. Then switch to the "Stream" tab which is at the right side of the program's window, and proceed to choose Xbox One as your streaming device. After that, you can press "Stream" in the bottom right-hand corner of the window.

convert MP4 to xbox one

Step 3: Start streaming

In the pop up window, hover over the video files in the list, then the "Play To TV" button will appear to let you start streaming. Simply click the icon and you can enjoy your video on the big screen. You can also control the playback in the window, such as adjust the volume, change the playing process or jump to another episode.

MP4 to xbox one converter

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Hi, thanks for your support for Wondershare. Please get more details about How to Copy Files from a USB to Xbox 360.
Don Carnage
You say that you can transfer the output files to Xbox One via a USB device. Who said that the Xbox One could play mp4 files from USB? Microsoft hasn't confirmed this and various review sites even said that plugging USB devices into the Xbox One did nothing. This makes the whole premise of this article useless.
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