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How to import/transfer your vCard files to iPhone or iPad Easily

vCard files are an important source of the contacts that have been saved onto the computer as it is a format dedicated to the contact storage on the computer. Over the period of time it is very important to note that different techniques have been developed that are also versatile in nature to assure that the vCard files are transferred to different mobile phone technologies including iOS, Android and even S60 Nokia devices. This tutorial is all about transferring vCard or contact files to iPad or iPhone to make sure that they are utilized in a manner the user requires without any issue or problem.

Part1: How to email vCard files to iPhone

Emailing contacts to iPhone is probably the best and the easiest method to make sure that the issue is never faced by a user like installing an external software program and downloading utilities that are related to third parties. It makes sure that the files are not only transferred to the iPhone but the order and the contents also remain the same.

Following is the process that should be followed in this regard:

i. The user needs to make sure that the iCloud is tapped within the settings of the iPhone:

the following interface

ii. The tab against the contacts is to be turned on to access the next screen:

make sure the desired video

iii. www.icloud.com is to be visit and necessary details are to be given to login the software:

take snapshots in vlc media

iv. The user then needs to click contacts:

click take snapshot

v. The cog icon is then to be tapped to make sure that the menu appears and to make sure that the contacts are exported to the computer in form of vCard:

click take snapshot

Part 2. How to open vCard file on iPhone or iPad

vi. Once the vCard file is saved onto the system the user then needs to make sure that the Gmail or any other email service is used to email the vCard files to desired email address that is to be opened on the target device. The email will appear as follows:

doublen click the vlc icon

vii. Once the vCard file is tapped the following menu will appear and this also ends the process of how a user can open a vCard file on iPhone or iPad:

paly the video

Part 3. Select certain contacts from the VCF file and export to iPhone

In other words it can also be called as editing the VCF file to match the needs of the user. To make sure that the needful is done in the best possible manner it is advised to follow the process that has been mentioned below to get the results in line with your requirements:

i. The user first needs to download vCard to XLS utility from any websites as there are tens of thousands of them:


ii. Once it has been done the file is to be opened:


iii. The user has to follow the prompts to open the file correctly:


iv. The file is to be reviewed and edited so that the only those contacts of the iPhone are included that a user needs:


v. The user then needs to make sure that the path file menu > export is followed. The user also needs to make sure that the file is renamed and the file type is changed to “CSV (comma delimited)”.


vi. Using the email methodology that has been explained above the user can then transfer the edited file to the iPhone with the help of the email. The contacts can then be opened and viewed as per the procedure that has been mentioned at the start of this tutorial.

Part 4.How to transfer with TunesGo Retro

It is undoubtedly one of the best software programs that have been developed by Wondershare to make sure that the contacts are imported from iPhone to PC and Mac and are also imported to iPhone from PC and Mac. There are several advantages of using this awesome tech piece and some of the advantages are as follows:

  • It can transfer up to 90,000+ contacts in a single go.
  • It finds and deletes the duplicate contacts itself.
  • It makes sure that the transfer is done in form of batches which not only saves time but also the effort of the user.
  • The software has been built with an option of free trial so that the users can choose to go for the paid version when they are fully satisfied in this regard.
  • Addition of new contacts via PC is not an issue at all.
  • The GUI or the graphical user interface makes sure that the usage is friendly and the easy.

To get the best out of this software usage it is advised to make sure that the following process is replicated on the user’s own PC or Mac so that the results are in line with the needs and demands:

i. The user needs to make sure that the program is downloaded from the URL http://www.wondershare.com/ios-manager/ which is the official Wondershare website. The interface is as follows:


ii. The iPhone is then to be connected to the PC through a USB cable:


iii. The software will automatically detect the device and will display the folders as well as files that are present on the memory as it will scan it:


iv. Click contacts on the left bar of the software program and then new on the top bar:


v. The contacts that are added in this way will be directly saved to iDevice automatically and hence the process finishes here.

Part 5. Note & To Download TunesGo Retro

The process that has been mentioned here can be used on all iDevices as they all support iOS and have been developed using the same terminology. To make the process easier it is advised never to skip any step from any procedure that has been mentioned here as it will make sure that the results are obtained in a super fast way and according to the will and desire of the user who is performing them. The methods are very easy to follow but still to avoid any problem it is also recommended to take a pro advice to avoid any inconvenience.

It is also one of those simple software programs that can be used to do the needful in this regard and the user just needs to make sure that the software program is downloaded and installed. The steps are mentioned below