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How to Transfer Music from Android to Android

If you get a new Android phone, you must have a great mind to copy music from your old Android phone to the new one. Then you can enjoy the music to your heart's content. To make the Android music transfer, your initiate response may be to export music from your old Android phone to the PC and then move music to your new one with USB cable. Frankly, it works. But, it's a little burdensome, isn't it? What if you want to transfer more files than music, like text messages?

Actually, an easy and efficient way is to turn to a third-party tool for help. Wondershare MobileTrans or Wondershare MobileTrans for Mac is a specially designed phone transfer tool, helping you transfer music from Android to Android with one click. In addition, you're able to copy apps, contacts, calendar, call logs, text messages, photos and videos to your new Android phone. With it, you don't need to transfer items one by one any more . Just one click, all the items will be copied.

Easy steps to transfer music from Android to Android

Download MobileTtrans first and follow the following tutorial. Then you will be clear about how to do it on your own. The following tutorial uses the Windows version as a try.

Download Win VersionDownload mac version

Step 1. Install and launch MobileTrans on your PC

To start with, install and launch MobileTrans on your computer. Then you get the primary window. Click Start to bring up the phone transfer window.

transfer music from android

Note: MobileTrans is compatible with multiple Android phones and tablets, including HTC, Samsung, LG and more.

Step 2. Connect your Android phones to MobileTrans

After that, connect your two Android phones to the phone transfer tool via USB cables . As soon as the two Android phones are connected, MobileTrans will detect them. And then, they will be displayed in the places of "Source" and "Destination" in the primary window.

android music transfer

Note: You can delete data in your destination phone by ticking off "Clear data before copy", if you want to keep the data , leave it alone.

Step 3. Move music from Android to Android

As you can see, all the content can be transferred are checked. If you only want to copy music for the time being, you can remove the marks before the other corresponding items. Then, hit Start Copy to make the Android music transfer. During the whole transfer progress, make sure that neither of your Android phones is disconnected. When the transfer progress is over, you should click OK.

copy music from android

Very good! You have made it! The music has been copied to your new Android phone. Open the playlist and enjoy music happily.

Download MobileTrans to copy music from Android to another one.

Download Win VersionDownload mac version

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Thomas Jones
Yes, karoLinaD. Wondershare MobileTrans can do that for you. But, to view these music and photos, you need to active your new phone.
I need to transfer music and photos from my active android phone to the new one which is not activated yet, would it work anyway?


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