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How to Use One Computer to Share Music to Multiple iPhones, iPads, and iPods

"Here is the thing. Now in my family we have two iPhones and a newly bought iPod for my daughter. I want to put some kids stories and music on the iPod. Is there an easy way to do this with the only computer? Do I have to set up another iTunes account? "

To be honest, setting up separate iTunes accounts is a way to share music from one computer to multiple iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices. However, it's not a good way. Creating multiple iTunes accounts means more info to fill in and passwords to remember. Actually, there is a better and easier way to share music from one computer with multiple iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices – try Wondershare TunesGo. It lets you transfer music from one computer to different iPhones, iPads, and iPods directly. And every time only in 3 steps, you'll achieve your goal.

Step 1. Install TunesGo

Download and install the right TunesGo on your computer. Both TunesGo (Windows) and TunesGo (Mac) are available. In the following, we take TunesGo Windows version as an example to talk about how to use one computer to share music to multiple iphones, iPads, and iPods.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

Note: Both TunesGo Windows and Mac versions support iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch running in iOS 5 or later(the latest iOS 7 included). Besides, TunesGo (Windows) supports iPod nano, iPod classic, and iPod shuffle as well.

Step 2. Connect iPhone/iPad/iPod with PC

Connect iPhone/iPad/iPod with your computer and launch TunesGo. TunesGo will detect your device and display its info in the main window. And then click Media in the left window pane. By default, the newly popped up window is Music window. From here, all songs on your device which you've connected with PC are displayed.

use multiple iphones, ipads, ipods with one computer

Step 3. Transfer music from computer/iTunes to iPhone/iPad/iPod

In the Music window, you can click Add to transfer wanted songs computer or iTunes to device. It's pretty easy and simple. Add if you've connected two devices each time, you can share music between them. Select songs you want to transfer on one device and click triangle under "Export to" to transfer music from one device to another.

one computer and multiple iphones, ipads, and ipods

With TunesGo, you'll never worry about how to use a computer to transfer music to multiple iPhones, iPads, and iPods. You can do it without a hitch.

Try TunesGo to use one computer to share music to multiple devices.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

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