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How to Transfer Music to Nexus 7

Recently, Google rolls out the Android 4.4, KitKat, to Nexus 7. If you just upgrade your Nexus 7, you may can't wait to transfer data like music to it, so you can experience the the latest Android OS. To copy music to Nexus 7, I will share you two trustworthy programs. One is the Wondershare MobileGo for Android. It not only lets you transfer music from computer to your Nexus 7, but also enables you to directly download songs to Nexus 7. The other is the Wondershare MobileTrans, with which you can transfer all music from iDevice, Nokia and another Android device to Nexus 7 with a single click.

Part 1. Transfer music from computer to Nexus 7

To do the computer to Nexus 7 music transfer, please download the Wondershare MobileGo for Android (Win) on the computer. It converts and transfers music saved on the computer to your Nexus 7 with ease.

Download win version

Now, install and run this Android manager on your computer. Follow the steps to copy music from PC to Nexus 7.

music to nexus 7

Step 1. Connect your Nexus 7 with PC and run this Android manager

Connect your Google Nexus 7 with your computer either via a USB cable or via Wi-Fi. After that, your Google Nexus 7 will be instantly detected and then all info on it will be shown on the left directory tree.

add music to nexus 7

Note: Beside Google Nexus 7, Wondershare MobileGo for Android supports multiple Android phones and tablets, like Samsung/HTC/Sony. Click Supported Android Devices to get more info.

Step 2. Add music to Nexus 7 from computer

On the left directory tree, click Music to enter the music window. Click Add. When the file browser window pops up, go and find the songs you want to import. Then, import them. If the imported songs with incompatible formats, this program helps you convert them to Android compatible ones.

By clicking the triangle under Add, you can even import music folder from computer and import music from iTunes library to Nexus 7.

transfer music to nexus 7

Step 3. Download music to Nexus 7

Apart from moving music to your Google Nexus 7, you can even directly download music to your Google Nexus 7. Click Wontube Mp3 Download. Search your favorite songs in the search box. Or choose your desired songs in the music list and download it. After that, click Download at the bottom of left column.

transfer music from computer to nexus 7

Then, on the right pane, you can check the downloading process. When it ends, these songs will be automatically saved on your computer and your Google Nexus 7.

copy music to nexus 7

Done! You have moved music to Google Nexus 7. Now enjoy fair-sounding music on your Nexus 7!

Apart from transferring music to Nexus 7, this Android manager enables you to backup and restore Android contacts, install Android apps, send SMS from computer and more. Just download this Android manager to try the salient features on your own!

Click the video tutorial below and watch it.

Part 2. Move music to Nexus 7 from a device

Just ditched the old device for Nexus 7, but want to transfer music to the new device? No problem! The Wondershare MobileTrans is at hand. It gives you the chance to convert and transfer music, apps, contacts, photos, videos, text messages as well as call logs from an old Android device to nexus 7. If you have an Nokia device or iDevice, you can also transfer music, text messages, contacts, videos and photos to Nexus 7.

Download win version

Step 1. Connect the Nexus 7 and other phone to computer

Take out the USB cables and plug them to the computer to connect the two device to the computer. The Wondershaare MobileTrans will scan them, and show them in the primary window.

how to transfer music to nexus 7

Step 2. Switch music from a device to Nexus 7

Click Start Copy, the button under the content. Be careful that you should not disconenct any device before the transfer is completed.

copy music to nexus 7

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