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Best iPhone File Manager to Manage iPhone files

iTunes is the iPhone file manager that iPhone users might use every day. It works great for users accessing to iTunes Store to purchase files and sync to iPhone. However, it can't help users manage iPhone files visually, or we say, directly on iPhone. This is where it falls short. If you need a comprehensive file manager for iPhone to manage files on iPhone easily and efficiently, I suggest you try Wondershare TunesGo. It does what iTunes can and what iTunes can't.

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Note: Both Wondershare TunesGo (Windows) and Wondershare TunesGo (Mac) are available. Choose the right one for your computer.

Best File Manager for iPhone does what iTunes can't!

Wondershare TunesGo is the best iPhone file manager. It does what iTunes can't!

  • Rebuild iTunes Library with music from iPhone in a single click. Read details for how to transfer iPhone music to iTunes Library;
  • Back up selected songs, videos, and playlists on iPhone to iTunes Library; [Only available on Wondershare TunesGo (Windows)]
  • Export iPhone music, videos, and photos to computer;
  • Convert iPhone incompatible videos and music to iPhone friendly formats during the transferring process;
  • Export Contacts and SMS from iPhone to computer; [Only available on Wondershare TunesGo (Windows)]
  • Export Contacts from iPhone to vCard file, Outlook, Windows Address book, and Windows Live Mail;[Only available on Wondershare TunesGo (Windows)]
  • Create playlists and photo albums to iPhone directly from the computer;
  • Delete music, videos, playlist, photos, and photo albums from iPhone;

With these features above, you can transfer files from iPhone to iTunes Library or computer easily for backup. These features are very useful when you switch to a new computer or lose files in iTunes Library.

 file manager for iphone

Best iPhone File Manager does what iTunes can!

Wondershare TunesGo also does what iTunes can. With it, you can transfer files from computer to iPhone as well.

  • Transfer music, videos, and photos from computer to iPhone;
  • Sync Outlook and Windows contacts to iPhone;

iphone file manager app

Though Wondershare TunesGo does what iTunes can and can't, it is iTunes companion. Right now it can't let you transfer books from computer to iPhone which iTunes can. With this iPhone File Manager App and iTunes, you'll have a better experience using your iPhone.

Try Wondershare TunesGo – the best iPhone File Manager

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

Note: As I've mentioned above, the Mac version is not equivalent to the Windows version. Now Wondershare TunesGo (Mac) only supports music, videos, and photos. Now developers are working hard to improve it, hoping the next version will be more powerful.

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