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How to Transfer iPhone Camera Roll to Computer Quickly

I am trying to figure out how I can move the pictures I have taken with my iPhone and back them up on my PC? Is this possible? Please help! Thank you so much.

Want to transfer photos/videos from iPhone Camera Roll to computer? If you usually use iTunes to manage your iPhone, you must be clear that iTunes can only sync Photo Library to your iPhone, and can do nothing to Camera Roll. To copy photos and videos from iPhone Camera Roll to computer easily, I'd like to introduce your Wondershare TunesGo or Wondershare TunesGo (Mac). It empowers you to copy iPhone Camera Roll to compute hassle freely.

Download this iPhone to computer transfer to take a try!

Download win versionDownload mac version

Note: Separated Windows and Mac versions are all available. In the following, we'll tell how to streaming Camera Roll on iPhone to PC. If you have an Mac, please try the Mac version and learn how to transfer Camera Roll to Mac>>

Easy steps to transfer Camera Roll from iPhone to computer

Step 1. Connect iPhone with PC after launching this program

To begin with, install and launch TunesGo on your PC. Connect your iPhone with your PC via a USB cable. This program will automatically detect your iPhone and display its basic info in the primary window.

Note: One important thing that to use TunesGo to transfer Camera Roll to iPhone, you should install iTunes first.

iphone camera roll to computer

Step 2. Transfer Camera Roll to computer

To move Camera Roll from iPhone to computer, you ought to click "Photos". The photo management window appears on the right side. Select photos and videos in Camera Roll and click "Export to" > "Expor to my computer". Then, a small file browser window pops up. Select a location on your computer to store this Camera Roll exported videos and photos.

transfer camera roll from iphone to computer

That's it! It's so easy to transfer Camera Roll to PC, right? Wondershare TunesGo is fully compatible with all iPhones: iPhone 5c, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and iPhone 3GS which run in iOS 7, iOS 5 or iOS 6. Besides Camera Roll, you are capable of copying Photo Library to your computer as well. 

Try Wondershare TunesGo to transfer videos and photos from iPhone Camera Roll to Mac!

Download win versionDownload mac version

Watch video tutorial for how to transfer iPhone Camera Roll to computer

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Product-related questions? Speak directly to our Support Team >>

Thomas Jones
Please close MobileGo for iOS and try it again.
WTF???? I just downloaded the trial for Windows, uploaded the 20 photos it'll transport as part of the trial, and then when I tried to open iTunes on my computer a window popped-up that says "Error New iTunes Library" and iTunes WILL NOT OPEN. I restarted my computer and tried to open iTunes again, same thing. How are you going to fix this?
Thanks. The problem is, I have a couple dozens of videos buried among nearly 10K photos. It'd be convenient if there is an option/filter to show only videos from the Camera Roll so that users can easily check the videos they want to export. It'd take some time to find a video from within thousands of photos. Just a suggestion anyway =)
Thomas Jones
Actually, No. Videos that you take with your iPhone are shown in the Camera Roll. If you want to export them, you just need to tick off them and click "Export to".
Is there an option to export only videos from the Camera Roll? Would be handy if the software has a "Video Only" mode/filter so that I can see only videos in the Camera Roll.
Thomas Jones
Hannah, sorry. MobileGo for iOS doesn't support transferring photos to Camera Roll on your new iPhone. However, you still can transfer Camera Roll album to your iPhone.
after i get it on my pc.. can i download my camera roll back onto a new iphone?