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How to Convert Video to iPad 3 in Mac/Win (Windows 8 included)

For all it's amazing functions, iPad 3  can't do it all.  Forget flash, there's tons of other video formats iPad can't play.  So here's how to convert video to iPad 3 (the new iPad) in three clicks.

Since you're here, you probably know by now that the device, has limited video format support, usually just supporting MP4 video formats (H.264, MPEG-4 video codec), a big inconvenience for users.  So then how do you convert video for  the device, so it will play properly? Do it with a Video Converter for Win (Windows 8 supported) or Video Converter for Mac, which can help you convert movie/video to the new iPad in 3 steps.

Step 1: Download iPad 3 Video Converter

For Windows users, please  download this Video Converter for Win (Windows 8 supported), launch it, and then follow the guide below.
For Mac users, please download this Video Converter for Mac (Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion included), and learn the steps from Users Guide of Video Converter for Mac if neccessary. Now, let's continue to learn how to convert video to the new iPad on Win (Windows 8 included).

Download win version Download mac version

Note: This product has been upgraded, and now it converts videos & DVDs 30X faster with zero quality loss. 

Step 2: Convert Video to iPad 3 in 3 Clicks

Go ahead and add all your videos directly into iPad Video Converter by clicking the Add Files button (first one, click down button for more options), or directly drag files into this program. The program supports 88 unique input video formats including AVI, MKV, WMV, FLV, etc. and almost all popular devices. To convert to iPad 3, just go to "Device">"Apple">"The new iPad" from the "Output Format" drop-down. Then click "Convert" to begin video to iPad conversion.

Note: If you select Apple devices, e.g. iPad, as the output format, your converted videos will be by default added to iTunes library automatically so that you can sync them to iPad 3 conveniently. To manually activate/deactivate it, click the "Menu" icon on the top-right corner of the interface, and then go to Preferences > Convert> "Add Files to iTunes Library after Conversion". The Mac version of Video to iPad 3 Converter has equivalent option.

Convert video to ipad with one click

Wondershare Video Converter for Win (Windows 8 available) can not only convert videos to the new iPad, but also convert DVD videos to play on iPad 3 . This is a good news if you have lots of DVD discs. You can now watch them on the new iPad anytime, anywhere. Different from other iPad 3 Video Converters, it also provides useful editing tools like merge, trim, crop, effects, watermark and subtitle. Just go to Edit menu to use the power of editing iPad videos. For instance, cut off your favorite part of a movie trailer downloaded from YouTube. Did I mention the YouTube download feature of Video Converter Ultimate? Yes, you could do that by clicking Download button on top and pasting YouTube URL to the pop-up dialog. For more detailed tips, you can go to Video Converter's guide.

Step 3: Transfer Converted Videos to Your new Apple iPad 3

Time to enjoy videos on the new iPad 3. First connect your iPad 3 to your Mac or PC. Open iTunes and find your device under DEVICES category. Then go to Movies tab on top, and check the Sync option to transfer your converted video to then new iPad with iTunes. Now you can watch your favorite movie/videos on your iPad 3 anytime and anywhere.

Watch the video tutorial below for easy steps to convert videos/movies to the new iPad (iPad 3) with this Video to iPad 3 converter for Win (Windows 8 supported):

Download win version Download mac version

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hi Christine I am new to all this so can you tell me how to sync to my ipad mini please
Conveniently forgetting to mention MKV files in your comment, which are most definitely not inferior and are becoming the standard for hi-def movies. The iPad however, cannot play them natively... As for a video conversion that is hardly ever needed - I have virtually no mp4 files, so I would have to convert all my mkv files just to play them on an iPad.
Hi, Nick25348, sure. Follow above step by step guide, and choose the optimized preset for iPad 3 as the output, it will work great on your new iPad. Meanwhile, this program also enables you to download YouTube video to your iPad in one click. Best regards,
Excuse me but I am a novice and have just been given an ipad3 for my birthday. Will this convertor enable me to play my Youtube playlist videos on the ipad?
Hi, Grubbcarol, no need to re-purchase the program. You just need to download the trial version again and get your program registered by retrieving your registration code. Don't worry!
If I purchase this product what happens if I have to set my computer back to factory setting. Do I have to re-purchase the program?
Christine Smith
Hi Austen99, this video converter will automatically send the output file(s) to iTunes if you choose iPad as output format. All you need to do is to sync it(them) to your iPad with iTunes.
none of them show us how to actually put them on the ipad
Merws Ge
It all depends on the file size
It has nothing to do with what format is the best. It's about not having to convert your source video no matter what format you have received it in.